Friday, June 20, 2008

Photo Dump

3 month pictures :)









All ready for summer in her bikini!


In her "HOP ON POP" onesie.


Dave's First Father's Day


Tummy time :)


Daddy's little girl...


Her first time in the pool!


Not so sure what the fuss is all about.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy 3 months Kensley!

Dear Kensley,

Today you turn 3 months old and I literally can not believe it. You have become your own little person and watching you develop your own personality has been a completely amazing thing to watch. Instead of the sack of potatoes baby that you were for the first two months of life, you are now a smiley, happy, cooing baby. Just this morning you burped really loudly and then smiled as if to say, “Yeah, I’m pretty cool like that.” Never mind that last night I was holding you and accidentally burped and you jumped 10 feet in the air and then began screaming because it scared you so badly. I spent the next 15 minutes trying to calm you down. I’m sorry. That wasn’t a ladylike thing to do and I apologize for freaking you out. Ill never burp again. I swear.



This month you started acting like you really wanted to sit up. You are no longer happy sitting in your swing, boppy or car seat. They don’t allow you to sit straight up and you become cranky the very second we lay you in any of them. You automatically start lifting your head up so that it looks like you are watching a Denise Austin video and trying to perfect crunches. As much as you perform these movements each day you should have abs of steel by August. Just in time for that cute purple Minnie mouse bikini grandma Patti bought you. We went out and bought you a bumbo seat and my God I can finally set you down in something for a few minutes so I can USE THE RESTROOM! Or WASH A FEW DISHES! Or TAKE A SHOT OF VODKA. This will tide you over for a few minutes but if I leave you in it any longer your neck starts to lose it under the weight of that ginormous head of yours and I find you sitting in your bumbo with your head hanging over the side and you staring straight up at the ceiling. We just have to remember to use the seat in moderation.



This month you also began paying a lot more attention to your left hand and this has me a little worried. Ill watch you look at your left hand for hours on end. You look at it, move it around, stick it in your mouth…but I never see you doing this with your right hand. There must be something magical about that left hand, or perhaps it just tastes better. I keep thinking about the chances of you being left handed and how on earth I’m going to teach you to write your name, or throw a ball or apply fingernail polish when you are left and I am right handed. All that stuff is confusing enough! I’m confused even thinking about it! So I then sit there and try to shove your right hand in your mouth. LOOK! It’s tasty too right? But you’re too smart for that. I should have known. And since you have realized that you have these things called hands, you have also been figuring out that you can grab onto things with them. Before your hands were just sort of in the way and I could get you to move them quite easily, but now…you want to hold your bottle and you have arms of steel that I just can’t get to move out of the way. So we spend a good amount of time each feeding trying to get them away from the bottle. You also grab on to your clothes and it has come to our attention that if you wear a skirt, you will pull the skirt up over your face and flash us all. Same thing if you were a two piece outfit with a shirt because that shirt will be up and you will be giving everyone a show of your 3 month old boobies. They don’t make bras for 3 month old babies who like to flash, so I’m going to have to put onesies on under all of your 2 piece outfits. I hate to do this to you. But we must. We don’t want you showing up on BABIES GONE WILD.


This month I finally broke down and moved you from the little crib beside our bed to your big girl bed in your own room. You have no idea how hard this was for me, and I really didn’t think it would be that hard until I had you. From the minute we brought you home I was dreading the day we had to put you in your own room. I loved having you right there beside me so I could hear you sleeping and grunting in your sleep. If you woke up, it was easy to reach my hand over and put your binky back in your mouth. It was the greatest thing for my state of mind to wake up and hear you right there beside me. Your dad and I discussed when we would move you to your big girl bed and I kept pushing and pushing it to a later date. Finally we decided that 3 months we would do it, but more so because I started a new job this week and my alarm going off at 6 am and your dads going off at 7 was waking you up in the morning and you were not sleeping as long as you could have. So we wrapped you up and turned your baby Einstein cd on and you fell right asleep. You woke up at 4 am and I know that you knew we were not there. Normally when you fuss we are right there to scoop you up or give you back your binky, but that night it took us awhile. We ended up bringing you in bed with us and you slept till morning. We are still working on getting over the fact that you are no longer in our room with us each night and that may just take me the rest of my life. I hope you know that even though you are now in your big girl room and one day you may be across the country, I will always be there for you when you need me and will always wish I could keep you right here safe beside me each night.


Love you always,