Friday, November 4, 2011

First Dance Class

Yesterday was Kensley's first dance class and someone was just a little excited about it.


(I posted this picture on Facebook last night and nearly everyone thought she was naked. Note to self: get different colored leotards...)

I had this grand plan to take a ton of adorable pictures and to videotape some of it for Daddy since he was at work. But then life happens. Rowan is teething and wants to be held constantly. I couldn't put him down the entire time we were there which made any picture taking or recording difficult. Hopefully next week.

What I can say is that she had a blast. She walked in and made friends instantly. She listened to the teacher and followed instructions well. She hopped, jumped, touched her toes and danced. She hugged her teacher goodbye and asked about coming back tomorrow.

It was a huge success :)