Thursday, January 31, 2008

34 Week Checkup

I still had my doctors app this morning and everything is looking good. I gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks, so that brings my total to 27 lbs gained so far. My blood pressure is still fine. Her heart rate is great and I am measuring right on track. Since Im already dialated 1cm, Ill be going back next week and every week from then on to keep track of my progress. We are getting into the home stretch! Im getting so ready to meet this little girl of ours, but at the same time I am so greatful that things are good and she will come out when she is good and ready.

I wanted to thank all of you who sent your well-wishes yesterday. You have all been so kind and I appreciate the friendships that I have made with each and every one of you!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sooner rather than later?

Edit (Part 2)* Baby is doing fine, just some mild contractions. Her heart rate is perfect and there is plenty of fluid around her to keep her happy. I'm only dialated 1cm and my cervix is nice and thick. The cause of all that pain? Yet another bladder infection. Story of my life... ;)

*Edit* I'm on my way to labor and delivery just to get checked out. Its probably nothing, but better safe than sorry. Ill keep you all posted :)

Last night we headed to our last birthing class, which ended up just being a refresher in baby care. Since we already took a baby care class, it was pretty boring. The hospital tour was nice, we got to see a few newborns in the nursery (since most babies stay with the mom at all times we didn't know if any would be in there). But by the time I got home I was starting to have lower back pain and I was cramping badly with it. I didn't feel like I was going into labor or anything, but I could tell something was up. We waited an hour after I laid down and when they didn't go away, we called the doctor. She was an absolute sweetheart and told me it sounds like the beginning of early labor. This could go away or gradually get more intense and when it gets to every 5 minutes for an hour head to the hospital. It hasn't gotten any more intense, I told the hubby it feels like I'm about to start my period at any moment. The cramping feels exactly the same. So maybe my body is starting to prepare itself for the big day. I have a doctors app tomorrow so we shall see what she says then. I'm really hoping they don't make me go on bed rest, I just asked my boss for more days at work! ;)

I know Ive probably been overdoing it the past few days, the whole shower I was on my feet unless I was opening gifts, and then we came home and put EVERYTHING away that night. I cleaned and worked monday, and then yesterday I cleaned and we walked all over the hospital. I think I need to take it a little easier, but I work tonight too. Ive heard that being on your feet helps with gravity and all that, but Id really like her to make it another 3 weeks. Like I said, Ill know more tomorrow after the doctors. And by the way, my husband is an absolute gift from God. He has been so amazing and expecially these past few days. I couldnt get through this without him.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Shower Part 1

Baby Shower (part 1)

Yesterday was our first baby shower with my side of the family. Ive been stressing about it for weeks, mainly because my gma insisted on calling me up to 6 times a day to talk about it. In the end, it was a great day. Soo many people showed up (I think we had over 60) and I was suprised and flattered by that. The food was excellent, our cupcakes were adorable and Im pretty sure everyone had a great time. One of my closest friends from high school even drove 4 hours to make it! I havent seen her since my wedding so its been almost 4 years. Her and her husband said they would definitely come stay a weekend after Kensley is born. Im too excited about that!! Also, we got soo much stuff! I am so blessed to have such great friends and family. Dave and I were blown away by their generosity. Some big things we got were the Pack N Play, Papasan Cradle Swing, Papasan Bouncer, sooo many clothes!!, tons of bottles, nipples, bibs, burp cloths, receiving blankets, stuffed animals, toys, blankets galore, bath stuff...I could go on and on. Oh, and a lot of diapers!

The one thing I wished I could have changed was the fact that I wore a cashmere sweater, and I was soo hot I was sweating bullets throughout the entire shower. I may have to find something cooler to wear to the second one. You can see how flushed my cheeks are in most of these. I was dying. lol.

I have over 80 some pictures from the shower, so instead of boring you with all of those Im just going to pick a few to share! ;)

Our "baby" cupcakes-


Me holding my cousin's 4 month old daughter, River. she got 4 shots on Friday and is teething now, so she wasnt having the best day-


Dave and I kept tabs on who got more "I love Mommy" or "I love Daddy" things. He won.


That whole bag had the bathtub, wash, lotion, bath towels, washcloths (enough for 3 Kensley's ;)


Dave had the notion that it was a good idea to make me hold the bags on my non-existant lap.


This was a great joke, my friends Eric and Danielle bought us everything that happened to do with nipples. They bought bottles and every size of nipples for them (I think like 20 different nipples alone!), breast pads, cream for cracked name it. Everyone got a huge kick out of that. Oh and lots of burp cloths that said, "Got Milk?" haha


This is the majority of what we brought in after the shower-


You know how on a baby story, you always see the dad putting things together after the baby is born and already home from the hospital? Not my husband. He insisted on building everything right in the middle of all that mess.


These are all the diapers we got from the shower!! I couldnt believe how many people brought diapers. I think we will be good for at least 2 days now.


We also did something where instead of buying a card, we had people buy their fav childhood book so that we would have a good number of books to read to her. They all wrote a little note on the inside of the book, so we could tell Kensley who each book was from, and that way we can remember who all came to the shower everytime we read the books! We got soo many books! I forgot to take a picture of all the books but Ill try to take one later to show. And we only got two duplicate books out of like 50 or so.

We actually got everything organized, and for the most part put away last night. I need to get more hangers for all the clothes she got yesterday. Did most of you mom's buy dreft to wash the clothes in? I was wondering if I could use something like Free and Clear because dreft is so expensive. That way I can start washing her 0-3 month stuff and all the blankets and things.

Oh this was a long post, and to think we have another shower in 2 weeks for Dave's side of the family! We are so very blessed! Like we said last night after getting all the stuff put away, "Now we just need our baby girl!"

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cleaning out my closet

Well, not mine, but Kensley's! And I took some pics of some of her cute outfits we have already and thought I would share :)

This one will be soo true. It says Party at my crib 1am-6am lol


This is one of my fav. I collect penguins and this says Mommy's little cutie :)



Future Valedictorian ;)




Another cute penguin one :)


Her cute bib overall dress :)


I dont know if you can tell, but this is her Polo Ralph Lauren track suit. Dave picked it out for her lol


Her first halloween costume (if it fits her in October)


A snowsuit for next year...


Just a few of her shoe collection


My fav skirt and it was only $2.50!


The cutest little jean skirt!


Yeah thats good for now. She has soo much more stuff, and Im sure she will be getting more soon. So this is just a sneak peak into her closet lol

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy 33 Weeks Kensley!

We met our pediatrician today. He seems very nice and he is young, he looks just a little older than Dave and I. We had a lot of questions for him and he answered them all and usually with a sense of humor which I like. We found out that he has a baby and experienced problems with breastfeeding so he can relate. He also said that being the parents we spend more time with our kid than he does, so he will take into account what we have to say when something seems wrong, and not just think we are coo coo for cocoa puffs. The nurse that took us into the room also answered questions and she talked about how much she really loves her job and the staff she works for. Basically a really good feeling about the practice. Our pediatrician even said he gives out his home phone number. Cant get much better than that.

A new, fun ailment I seem to have is that it feels like my hips are sliding and popping out of place when I walk. It happened twice yesterday and then right before bed, and then again this morning when I woke up. It hurts like hell, but I also look have rediculous because I almost fall over every time it happens. I started doing pilates for flexibility again and that helped my back feel better for about 30 minutes afterward, but that's all. Oh the joy of being a human beach ball. I also noticed like 3 small purple looking stretch marks on my lower belly. GRRRRRR. That is the one thing I didn't want. I don't mind the light colored ones, but not those nasty purple ones. They are all super tiny dots right now. I'm hoping they don't spread...My weight gain has been pretty slow and steady and Ive slathered on vitamin E lotion everyday, its just damn genetics. Oh well, Ill have something very beautiful soon to distract me from my disgusting self ;)

And here are my 33 week pics!



Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy 32 Weeks Kensley!

So far this is what 32 weeks looks like!



Thursday, January 17, 2008

32 Week Checkup

Just got home from my 32 week checkup at the doctor. Everything is looking really good. I gained about a pound a week this time, so right on schedule with that. My belly is measuring right on track, and he thinks she weighs a little over 4 lbs. He told me she is at least under 12 lbs Her heart rate was around 130-140, so there goes that whole wives tale, because her heart rate has been on the low side the entire time. We had a ton of questions this time, but I really like this doctor. He let us know that episiotomies are really rare, he has only done a dozen or so. Which makes me feel better, Im not looking forward to one of those. He also gave us a slight hope that Dave may be able to help deliver the baby, its just up to who delivers us and the hospital's standards (which we are going to ask our nurse about next week in child birthing class). Just feeling extremely lucky and grateful that everything is going smoothly so far. I know many of you momma's are on bed rest and going into preterm labor, and I think about you all the time.

I didn't hardly sleep a wink last night, I dont know what my problem was. I couldn't get comfortable and then when I was comfortable I could feel my blood pumping through my stomach (like when your temples throb?) If that makes sense. It was so annoying. Then my brain just wont shut off. I guess Ill be getting used to the lack of sleep very soon.

Im meeting a friend for lunch today at Don Pablo's. Im excited for mexican. And excited to see her too of course. Coming home to cuddle up with my fabulous, sexy husband! Thats pretty much my day. I have yet to take a 32 week pic, so Im really going to try to get one tonight after work.

Hope all of you ladies are having a great Thursday. Its almost the weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh It is Love.

Yesterday morning I headed to the spa for my facial. What an absolutely wonderful thing that was! The one thing I wish I would have known was to shave my armpits though. I figured they would just be massaging my face, but they ended up massaging my arms, back and neck as well. And let's face it. I haven't shaved in at least a week. haha The poor lady that had to give my massage. Fortunately the room was pretty dark. And I managed to put deodorant on too. I crawled into that heated bed and I just wanted to pass out. My skin looks brand new and sooo sooo soft. I recommend them to anyone. They have a pregnancy massage that Im thinking about saving up for before the end of February. Id also like to get a mani/pedi for the shower at the end of the month. Needless to say, they have now created a spa monster.

Last night was our first birthing class. It was a bit boring because a lot of the information we learned was review. Next week we will be going over relaxation techniques so Im more excited for that class. The couples in the class are really nice. I think we are one of the only couple's in the room that has a baby name picked.

I finally got my 31 week pics so here they are! I just might topple over soon from all this weight in the front...



Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy 31 weeks Kensley!

Only 9 more weeks to go. How amazingly scary is that? Im going from feeling completely ready to have her here, to freaking out that we have nothing ready. What is with TLC and A Baby Story? I watched it today and it completely freaked me out. I used to watch it just to see the adorable babies, but now its hitting me that Im going to have to do that too. In like, 2 months. Holy Freaking Cow. So today I spent the entire episode bawling my eyes out. The woman almost died during labor and then her daughter got pneumonia and had to stay in the hospital for a week. Just what I need to see.

I watch these shows and then I see myself in that exact situation. A Baby Story should know better than to show an overly neurotic mom-to-be and episode like that. I should sue them for the distress and sleepless nights they have now caused me. Same with Grey's Anatomy. I saw the preview for this week's show and the one ladies baby is about to die. I mean, can you give my heart a break? I cant take much more of this. Thank God that Oprah has been showing re-runs lately. I don't have enough tears reserved.

My birthday weekend went really well. Like I said, the hubby made me breakfast in bed and bought me a balloon and the most precious birthday card. I just had to share what it said.

The One I Love

Once in a while,

right in the middle

of ordinary life,

love gives us a fairy tale.


That's what it feels like

being with you!


Teddy (A.K.A Daddy) :)

This is so true! Happy Birthday Baby (A.K.A Mommy!)

I thought it was one of the sweetest cards. I love how excited my husband is to be a dad. I took pics of him the other night with his stethoscope listening to her heartbeat. He makes my heart melt. Which is why I felt awful when I had a breakdown on Sat night. We were going to Red Lobster for dinner, but when we got there at 5:30 the wait was an hour. There was no way myself or my baby were going to wait an hour to be fed, so we had to come up with something fast. I called the restaurant where I work, and the wait was 3 hours. So that was a no go. I ended up yelling at my husband to just take me home. I was super bitchy and I know it was hormones, and thankfully so did he. I HATE getting so upset so easily. We ended up going to Ruby Tuesday's. They have the most amazing fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade. They put it in a cocktail glass for me too. I felt special. Plus our friend Eric paid for everyone. Does he rock or what? We came home and played apples to apples and then Scene It 2. I made it to bed, exhausted right around 2 a.m.

Sunday morning we went to IHOP for breakfast, walked around the mall, went grocery shopping, finally had dinner at Red Lobster and then rented Shoot 'Em Up. I was in heaven. I LOOOVE Clive Owen. The movie is completely nuts and a spoof on action movies. I doubt many people would enjoy it, but Clive Owen could dress up like a bunny rabbit and Id go see it. And I got to see his bum in the movie. Very nice.

Tomorrow is our first Childbirthing class. Im excited to go. Im also getting a facial and make-up application at the spa tomorrow morning. I need to see how much a manicure would be, Id like to get one before the shower. So I am definitely looking forward to that. Ive never had a facial before :) My hubby rocks for getting me one.

And some random pics I thought Id share...

My adorable husband :)



The beautiful picture my mom cross-stitched for the baby's room. (Sorry about the glare...)



P.S. Can you believe the weather? Its 62 outside right now! Im going to go for a walk in a bit :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

So I'm officially 26. And officially old. I'm now over that hump and closer to 30 than I am to 20. It feels pretty good though. Like I have said before my life is in a good place. Plus I always love birthdays. Even if it means I'm getting more uncool by the minute. Hubby woke me up this morning singing "Happy Birthday" to his sexy wife haha. He made me cinnamon rolls and juice for breakfast in bed. We went to Outback last night for dinner, then he bought me a cooling pad for my laptop and we looked at ipods since I need a new one and an adaptor for my car. We walked down to babiesrus and looked around for a few, then to Borders to see if they had a baby book I wanted. (They didnt ). We rented Ocean's 13, bought some ice cream and then headed home to cuddle on the couch and enjoy the movie and ice cream.

Tonight I have a bunch of friends going out to Red Lobster with me, then coming back to our place to play games and just hang out. There wont be much wild and crazy fun since Im preggers, but Im still looking forward to it!

Here is my 30 week pic as well!

30 weeksS

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Happy 30 weeks Kensley!

This week I have started to feel nauseous all over again, but today was the worst. I had to go to the hospital this morning and have another blood screen and get my RH Negative shot. I dont know if it was because the hospital felt like 102 degrees, or getting blood drawn, or the shot...but I came home and threw up, then passed out and then have been feeling awful all day today. Ive heard of morning sickness coming back in the later months, and Im really hoping thats not the case. I slept for a few hours but I still feel sick to my stomach. Im off to rest a bit more. Ill try to get pics taken sometime today or tomorrow to show off my 30 week bump

*Edit* In need of diaper bag help!

To those of you already mommies, Im having some trouble picking out a diaper bag. The dooney & bourke one I want is $325, and I found a few that I like that are significantly less (but still a nice bag that I can use even after the baby is older). I was hoping you could give me your input!

The dooney & bourke bag: I want it in brown, and the pic doesnt do it justice. Its huuuge. lol


The storksak messenger bag: Its the same on Angelina Jolie had and she has 700 kids so I figure she would know a good diaper bag. Its $215


The storksak gigi rose: $158


and this is just the cutest little diaper bag that totally looks like a purse. Its a bit smaller than the others so thart worries me....The Mia Rose 308- $95

Mia Rose   mat

So there ya go! Help me out! ;)