Thursday, January 27, 2011

Please Don't Judge Me


She dresses herself these days.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


6 Month Check-Up and Chuck. E. Cheese.

On Monday we took Rowan for his 6 month check-up. We are a few weeks late on that but cut us some slack. I had to wait for a day that Dave was off so he could come with me. Why you ask? Did you not read this post? If not I'll go ahead and give you a minute to catch up on THE MADNESS THAT IS MY LIFE. If you remember how my last trip went, then you fully understand why I would wait 3 weeks for a day when Dave could come too. Of course, If you are a mom then you fully understand that my children acted like perfect angels this time since daddy happened to tag along. (Note: Not in any way were they angels because they are scared of daddy or know that daddy means business. He is the biggest push-over ever made. It was solely to make me come across as crazy. Like, Honey! How can these kids ever get on your nerves? They are absolute ANGELS).


Can you get a look at my husband? Probably playing angry birds. Again, why did I introduce him to that game? Why?

Anyway, back to the check-up. Rowan is doing fabulously. He now weighs 21 lbs 8 oz and is 27 1/2 inches long. So our little chubberz is completely off the charts when it comes to his weight. He is a little over 50% on his height. Our doctor joked and asked us what we are feeding him but the truth is K was a big baby too and as soon as she started crawling/walking she slimmed way down. Right now I am loving my Chunky Monkey. My arms not so much...

He was supposed to have four shots this check-up but we have already decided that he will never get more than two. He did really well and only cried for a second. He is such a tough guy.


After his check-up we met with our playgroup at Chuck. E. Cheese. Is it sad that I didn't know how to spell his name until yesterday? Or is it more sad that I now know the correct spelling? We have already been to Chuck E. Cheese once so I already know that Kensley couldn't care less about the games. She is way more into having coins and putting them in the slots like her piggy bank at home. She kept asking for "pennies", put them in the game slot and then promptly walked away. Leaving me to finish the game all while holding her 21 lb brother. At least three times she managed to get away from me and I had to look around for her long enough for me to see the headlines, "CHILD ABDUCTED FROM CHUCK.E.CHEESE. MOM WAS BUSY PLAYING GAMES". Why is it that when things are going wrong I automatically read the headlines in my head? Am I the only one who does that? Luckily, I would find her pretty quickly and we would move on to another game.

I had a coupon for 20 free coins and I MADE THOSE COINS LAST. When it was time to go we had 60 tickets and I was afraid she wouldn't be able to get a thing and after seeing all the cool things the other kids could buy with their 900 tickets she would hate me forever for being such a cheapskate mom. You know how everyone always complains about the fact that they spend $20 in that place and walk out with three pieces of crap? Well we got two packages of sweet tarts candy and a bracelet. FOR FREE. WE TOTALLY CHEATED THE SYSTEM.

Eat that Chuck.E.Cheese!

Sunday, January 23, 2011



Sometimes I look at the two of you and my heart hurts I am so happy.

Sometimes I catch the two of you playing together when you don't know I am watching and I cry tears of joy.

Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to be your mama.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Houston We Have a Tooth

Rowan has had a tooth that looked just about ready to pop through for a few days now. When we were at play group today I mentioned it and when I went to look in his mouth this is what I saw...


His bottom tooth is completely through!


Kensley didn't get a tooth until she was around 10 or 11 months old so this is super early. Bubbas is so excited because we told him now he can have steak! Yum!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This post is loooooong overdue. We headed to West Virginia to visit Oglebay and see the Christmas lights in the middle of December. For some reason or another I never posted about it but I wanted to so that I remembered!













I think the chocolate might have been her favorite part!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Birthday

Last Wednesday was my 29th birthday. Can I just say for the record, "How in the world did I get so old?" I can't believe this is my last year in my twenties. I'm not really sad about it or anything, just surprised at how quickly the years seem to go as I get older.

I was sort of bummed on my birthday because Dave was working a 12 hour day and wouldn't be home till 8 that night. My girlfriend Jaime stopped by for a bit with a card and chocolates (THANK YOU JAIME!!!!) and that did cheer me up a little but I missed my man.

Around 6 I got a knock at my door and since I wasn't expecting anyone I had no clue who it was. I couldn't believe it when I opened my door and saw this...


In case you can't tell, that's my hubby behind those balloons!

Pretty sure I started crying when I saw him. I was so happy to see his face. He managed to get off a few hours early and surprise me. We ended up ordering a pizza, drinking sangria and having cupcakes. We tried to watch Inception again but it was late and we both were so tired we only made it about half-way through. But it was one of the best birthday surprises.


Looks like someone else really liked my balloon too. And after it all it was his HALF BIRTHDAY too!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy 6 Months Rowan!

Dear Rowan,

Happy half birthday Bubbas! I can not believe that you are already 6 months old. You are such a joy baby boy. Your smile is so infectious. Every morning you wake up cooing and you get so excited when you see me and your sissy walk in and get you. You save the best smiles for your sissy. You absolutely adore her.

Lets see what you have been up to this month.

You met Santa for the first time.


You didn't seem too impressed. You did manage to pull his beard pretty hard though.

This month we celebrated your first Christmas and although you really didn't have a clue what was going on you loved playing with the wrapping paper and bows. You would grab tissue paper and crunch it up in your hands and shake it back and forth. This was probably the highlight of your holiday. I think you liked the wrapping paper more than your presents.


Most days we spend on the floor playing. The other day you were on the floor and I walked out of the room and when I came back your sister was handing you a ball. You would grasp onto it and then chuck it and she would say, "Yay Ro Ro! Way da go! You did it!" and then go get the ball and bring it back to you. It was so funny to watch.


I don't know what it is with you, maybe its a boy thing, but you have had so many diaper blow outs. I can only remember one time your sister had one but you seriously crap your pants and nearly every time it goes up your back to your ears. Whenever I sit you in your jumper you turn beet red and shoot firecrackers out your bum and I am always so scared to change you and see that it has gone clear up your back. Just today you did the exact same thing and when I changed you I got poop all over the carpet. I didn't see it oozing out of your diaper until it was too late. So we stripped you down and gave you a bath. I secretly think you do this so you get a bath. You love bath time.


This month was the first month that you were sick. You threw up twice in one day and you had me so worried. One thing about you being sick made me stop and realize how lucky I am that you are healthy. Even when you were not feeling well you were still the best baby.


Right now you love being in your jumper. You jump so hard that sometimes I think you will jump right out of it and onto the floor! You love to play with your feet. You laugh really hard when we tickle you. You love to play peek-a-boo and you love when I read books to you. You want to grab everything you can and shove it into your mouth. You are a drooling fool. You are still a great eater and you are sleeping in longer stretches. You are finally sitting up and it is your favorite thing to do! You make every day amazing and you are getting so big baby boy. I just love every day of my life with you in it. And I love you too.



Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year and The Black Cloud of Doom

Happy New Year! I hope you all are having a fabulous year so far! I feel just downright awful that I haven't blogged at all yet this year, but the truth is its because I feel downright awful. This past week has been downright awful. It's been a downright awful, no good, very bad week.

I think you get my point.

Our week sort of went like this...

Sunday morning I walked into Kensley's room after I heard her up and playing. I walked in and was immediately hit with the stench of vomit. She must have thrown up some time in the night and then fell back asleep. It was caked in her hair, the carpet and all over her bed. Sadly, Dave was at work so I got stuck with the clean up duty. I bathed her, cleaned the carpet and threw all of her bed stuff in the wash. Including her "Bee" pillow pet. This is the first of four washings he got this week. She seemed pretty energetic the rest of the day and wasn't running a fever so I just kept an eye on her. Around 5pm she started laying on the floor and acting tired. She got up in the rocking chair and I went to put in a movie for her and she threw up all over the chair. I then clean that up and get her ready for bed. Around 1 am I hear her coughing and have Dave go check on her and she had thrown up again in her room.

Monday I called off work to stay home with Kensley and I wasn't feeling well myself. I threw up in the morning and spent the rest of the day feeling like I was going to. Kensley threw up once but spent this day just laying around without an appetite really.

Tuesday Kensley seemed to be feeling better so I headed to the store to stock up on some sprite and crackers and juice. She really wanted to go to the bookstore so we stopped there on the way home. I fed Rowan while we were there and 10 minutes later her threw up his entire bottle all over himself. He turned beet red and was projectile vomiting at me. So we head home. He throws up his next bottle as well and then just has a limited appetite for the rest of the day.

Wednesday was my birthday and thankfully vomit free from everyone.

Thursday Kensley throws up at 1 am and I start at 5am. I spent the entire day feeling delirious and stayed in bed sleeping off and on till around 6pm. Thank goodness Dave stayed home to take care of the kids for me.

Friday I woke up still feeling nauseous and queasy but luckily kept some liquid and crackers down. I took some Zofran I had left over from having morning sickness with Rowan and felt a bit better that night. Kensley still layed around and seemed to have less of an appetite than normal.

Today I woke up still feeling a little sick but better. Kensley has eaten an entire bowl of soup so I am praying it stays down.

So that was our week.


That right there pretty much sums it up.

But Happy New Year!!!