Saturday, February 28, 2009

Here we go!

I think I have figured it out now so I finally have some pictures from the past few days to share. I recently found out that Dave's Great Grandma Duffy reads this and we thought that was so neat. I made this so all of our family could come and see how Kensley is doing and it is always nice to hear that they enjoy it. So Kensley wants to say, HI GREAT GREAT GRANDMA DUFFY!!! We love you and thank you for stopping by ;)

So we finally moved into our townhome last Saturday and Sunday. We are slowly unpacking and getting things together. The first few days were rough. Kensley did not understand where we were and she did not sleep a wink the first night. We brought her to bed with us and she just laid there with her eyes open. I could not leave the room even for a second without her getting very upset. But as the days go on she is getting more and more comfortable with the new place and I think she really likes it!

Dave and I love it. We have so much more living space (maybe not so much storage space as I thought, but we do have the basement now for storage) and we dont feel so cramped. We are very excited to get everything put away and organized! I was getting ready for work the other day and could not find socks! Ill be much happier when everything is in its place!

I realized that we are one week away from Kensley's birthday. Where this year has gone I will never know. We are really excited for the party. I think it is going to be a lot of fun, and even though she will never remember it I know I am going to take so many pictures and video that she wont miss a thing!

I wanted to say that I found out today that my mom, dad and brother will be at Kensley's party. If my brother made it to state for wrestling they were not going to be able to come. Sadly, my brother did not make it to state, but I want him to know that we are blown away by how much he has accomplished as a wrestler. I am nothing but beaming with pride with how well he has done. And even though I am sad that he wont be at state this year I know we are looking forward to him being there on Kensley's big day.

We finally got a picture of Kensley's top tooth! The one to the right is slowly poking through now. So she now has two top teeth and one bottom tooth. Three teeth for her birthday! That is a lot considering she didnt get her first till almost 10 months!

Anyway, I think I have rambled on enough. Here are some pictures of baby girl from the last week or so!

We finally got her tutu! I am planning on her wearing it and her birthday hat I had made for her for her first birthday pictures. She HATES the tutu. She HATES the hat. I am sort of afraid how these pictures will turn out. Please pray we get a few good ones!

Her birthday hat ;)

Its been awhile...

I apologize for the lack of posts. I bought my new camera and I am still trying to figure out how to get the pictures off of it and on to here. We are doing very well, we love the new place. I will post very soon I promise with lots of pictures!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Early birthday present!

We decided to go ahead and give Kensley her birthday present early. She has been trying to walk for a few weeks now and we figured her gift would really help her along. We bought her the Fisher Price Baby Stroller. Here she is checking it out...

She also helped Daddy get it out of the box.

Then of course, the most important test was if it TASTED GOOD.

She would rather stand beside it than push it along the floor...

Here she is finally getting the hang of it!

Do you think she likes it?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This was Kensley's very first Valentine's day. Unfortunately, daddy had to work all day but he gave us our Valentine's the day before. Can I just tell you how blessed we are to have him as a husband and daddy? He truly spoils the girls in his life. He bought me a new camera card for my camera so I can take loads of pictures! He gave us both really great cards, but the message he wrote to Kensley had me tearing up!

"Dear Kensley,

This is your first Valentine's Day of many to come. I know that some day someone else will be giving you cards but until then I hope you let me hold your hand and give you hugs and kisses on the cheek.



How sweet huh?! If she isnt a Daddy's Girl I dont know who is! That card is definitely going in her memory box. Too precious.

Kensley wishes you all an amazing Valentine's Day!

We just love our HUNKA HUNKA BURNIN LOVE!!!

We bought a new camera!

After debating and researching and browsing and then seriously looking we finally decided to buy ourselves a new camera. I love my little point-and-shoot, but have been wanting a good quality camera for some time. We chose the Canon 50D because we had head only good things about it, and it seemed like a high quality camera that even my illiterate mind could figure out how to use. We have been playing around with the different settings and things for the past few days and I am so impressed. I absolutely love it. We got some really good pictures of Kensley including this one.

I just love her eyes in that one. You can finally see how blue they are!

And I have to say how much I love this one. There is nothing better than a sleeping baby. Am I right?

And I tried to get one of bath time, but little missy will no longer sit down in the tub. She wants to stand THE WHOLE TIME. So momma is a nervous wreck trying to wrangle a slippery little girl to sit back down the entire bath time.

We hope you love the new pics as much as we do!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

11 months

Dear Kensley,

Yesterday you turned 11 months old and I am still waiting on your father to re-install microsoft word onto my laptop so I can write you your 10 month newsletter. This happens quite often. I ask your dad to do something, he tells me he will get right on it and then months later I am still waiting. It is just another reason I love your daddy. He is so predictable. And for some reason when you are in counseling years and years from now, and it comes down to the fact that you never got to read your 10 month newsletter and because you had no idea what you accomplished that month you have spent million in therapy-send your father the bill.

So where was I? Oh yes! 11 months! Where does the time go? I can't believe that this time last year we were getting ready to have our second baby shower for you and I was so miserable and uncomfortable because your feet were permanently lodged under my rib. I remember us battling for space, me pushing your feet down and you pushing right back. You still have that same tenacity. I am now spending my days telling you not to touch the tv, picture frames, remote controls and my cell phone. You look at me and then move your hand really slowly and touch it just waiting for my reaction. You really are such a stinker.

Right now you are working on your second tooth. You have one bottom tooth and are now getting your top left tooth. The past two days have been really hard because there is nothing that will soothe you from this discomfort. You have also become super clingy and will only be happy if we are holding you. Yesterday I put you in your high chair to feed you some peaches and YOU FLIPPED OUT. I had to hold you in my arms and feed you your peaches. The doctor told us this month that you are developmentally mature for your age, because most children don't get this clingy until 15 months or so. So maybe I should be proud of your maturity, but really I am hoping you grow out of this stage soon. You have been pulling up on everything for over a month and have been walking up and down the couch and leaning for nearby objects for a few weeks now. You have also started to let go and stand balancing on your feet for a few seconds before grabbing back on or falling on your butt. If we hold your hands you will gleefully walk across the floor as fast as your little feet will go. I have no doubt you will be walking at your first birthday party.

This month you had a few play dates and I have become painfully aware of the fact that you are not used to being around other young kids. We went to a friend's house who has a 5 month old little girl and every time she screamed you came to a sudden stop and looked at her wide-eyed as if you thought someone was torturing her. Then you came crawling over to me whimpering. We also went and let you play with my cousin's daughter Mya. She is only two weeks older than you and she was crawling up on you and you were making this face that said you do not like to be touched. I am hoping we get a chance for you to around babies your age and that yo can get used to that.

In the next few weeks your daddy and I are getting ready to move into a much bigger place. We are so excited to have a place with a washer and dryer and a dishwasher. The biggest reason we are so excited is that this is much more space for you to walk, run and explore. You will finally have a yard to play in, a huge basement to play in and so much more space. It is hard for me to know that we are leaving the place we first brought you from the hospital and all the memories we have here of your first year, but it is not the walls that make a home-it is the people inside it. I am looking forward to all the new memories we will make and all the laughter and excitement each day brings with you in it.



Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our New Home!

Since some of you were wondering what the new place looks like, I took some pics while we looked at it yesterday. I can not wait to get moved in and buy our new furniture and enjoy the washer and dryer and dishwasher! We are beyond excited for all this room for Kensley to run (yes, she will be running soon!) and play in!

The Entry way when you first walk in.

The hallway upstairs.
Our backyard.
The living room.
One side of the kitchen.
The other side.
The downstairs 1/2 bath.

I didnt take pics of the bedrooms, but they are a really good size and we have a walk through closet from our room into the full bathroom. We absolutely love it and hope you all come to visit us here soon!

Our little miss

I apologize for the lack of updates yet again. I have been meaning to get on here for a few days now and grandma patti just called and I assured her I would post some tonight. So here they are.

First off here are a few of our adorable baby girl!

The first picture that shows her tooth! If you look at the bottom right of her mouth, you should see it!

This photo is absolutely hysterical. I was cracking up looking at it all day today.

And I think it is safe to say Kensley likes the new tv.