Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Start of Summer

I always feel like Memorial Day weekend is like the official start of summer. Almost always the weather is warm by this point and everyone is excited for cook outs and late night fires and all things summer-like. If today is any indication how this summer is going to go, well then I can only be excited for the next several months ;)

We spent the day at Gramma and Papa's. We sort of had a late start so we ate breakfast on the way.


Maybe the powdered donuts were another bad idea of mine...haha


And here is my little fish in the water. I am not lying when I tell you she was in that pool for HOURS. I did my best to get her out and in the shade for a moment here and there but she kept hopping right back in (with a family member of course ;)


She sat in that raft and floated around with daddy just as content as can be. What a life huh?!


Popsicles were the best and really only way to coax her out of the pool...


Here she is with gramma Kelly


I think she had a good time...


As much as I love summer, I have to admit that there is just something so fresh and new about seeing it through the eyes of your child. Maybe because this is the first year that K can really enjoy the weather and appreciate the days spent outside at the pool, playing in the sandbox and chasing the ball with uncle Colton. I don't blame her for loving it as much as she does. Dave and I were talking tonight on the way home about the fact that because she loves it so much it makes us love it all the more. She truly makes everything special and the already special days become even more so because of her and the new light she shines on it.

This summer is going to be such a good one. I can smell the burgers on the grill, that sweet smell of sunscreen and the great feeling of the warm sun and an icy cold drink. This summer also brings with it the start of a new life and boy what a life he is coming into. This summer couldn't get any better if it tried.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

6 Year Anniversary

Today was our 6 year anniversary. I can't believe it has been 6 years! They have completely flown by. I can remember the day like it was yesterday and our wedding was so much fun. I remember talking to Dave on our way to the hotel that night and both of saying we would get married 100 times over because we had such a good time. Today was just as beautiful as it was 6 years ago, maybe a little hotter. We spent the afternoon shopping just Dave and I. Kensley spent the day with Grandma Patti and got to go see Shrek 4 at the movie theatre. I think its safe to say she didn't miss us too much ;)

Our first stop was at Old Navy and we really scored some good deals! I got Rowan 15 shirts, 2 pairs of pajamas and we bought Kensley another bathing suit. We should have paid $110 for all of that and I ended up paying $45. I was super happy with that!


Then we drove up to the outdoor mall and spent the whole day outside walking around. We found this adorable swim outfit for next year...


Dave got me an adorable diaper bag for an anniversary gift and I think maybe I should feel bad about only getting him a gift card to Chipotle? haha But I am justifying the cute bag with the fact that its not really just a gift for me, its a gift for the babies as well. Right? ;)

After shopping we stopped and had dinner at Hibatchi Japan. It was absolutely delicious and we had such a great time!


Got to love the onion volcano ;)

We then picked up Kensley and spent the evening with friends playing in their backyard.


They have two boys who are 1 and 4 and Kensley just adores them.


She never ever wants to leave their house when we visit.


Can you blame her?


It was a great way to spend our anniversary. I love having days like this to reflect on the amazing man I married. I know its important to try to remember it every day, but these days are extra special. My hubby is my best friend, my perfect match. I watched him today as we ate nachos and cheese break my chips in half because that is how I like them, he talked me into a gift because he told me over and over I deserved it, he held my hand and made me feel beautiful. I watched him play with our daughter. I witnessed all over again the amazing dad he is when I watched him on our video monitor tonight lay beside her in bed because she woke up crying and wanted her daddy. I am so blessed. So unbelievably lucky to know him, have him and call him my own. These 6 years have been such a gift and I am looking forward to growing old with my best friend by my side.

Love you baby.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ready for the weekend!

Have I mentioned that the weather here is absolutely gorgeous? It has been 80 and sunny every day this week and its expected to be pretty amazing all weekend as well. Today we went down to my parents to swim in the pool for the first time this year. It was amazing how Kensley reacted to the pool this year. Just for a reference this is how she reacted to the pool last year...


This year was a completely different story. Sadly, I didn't have my camera on me today because we rushed out of the house so quickly but take my word for it when I say she was like a fish to water. First she sat on the side of the pool and dipped her feet in. Then she wanted me or uncle Colton to hold her over the side so she could have her legs in. My arms were getting tired so I sat her back in the deck and she acted like she was going to jump in on her own! Daddy got in with her then and I didn't think we were ever going to get her out. She absolutely loved it. I think the swim lessons may have helped because she was wanting to do all the things we did in her classes. I am so excited to take her swimming all summer long! But boy are we going to have to watch her super closely this year. She is at that age of no fear and doesn't yet understand how dangerous things can be.

Saturday will be our 6 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe it has been 6 years already. We have a movie and dinner night planned and of course we are both looking forward to that. We also both got Memorial Day off and are planning on spending the day at my parents grilling out, swimming and making s'mores! What are all of your Memorial Day plans?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dedication to burgers


It is kind of hard to see from the photo but this is Dave a few weeks back standing out on our patio cooking burgers in what I can only explain to be a monsoon. I was laughing so hard I was crying because he was absolutely drenched by the end of it.

But boy where those some good burgers. ;)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy 33 Weeks Rowan!



I can't believe I am 8 months pregnant already. This pregnancy has really gone fast! I am still having contractions and some cramping but other than that I feel really good this time around.

I had a close call while driving Friday and was nearly in an accident. It sent me into a panic attack which has since increased my contractions, but we went to the hospital and little man was a perfect, happy baby so there is no need for concern. I am just supposed to take it easy (ha!) and see if the contractions ease up a bit.

We are getting so excited to meet this little bugger :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Park

Today was a gorgeous day. The temperature hit 80 and for one of the first times it really felt like summer.


So after it cooled down a little we made a trip to one of our favorite places.


Now she goes down the slide all by herself.


She is such a big girl.


I watched her smile...


and climb...


and I couldn't be prouder of my little girl.


I feel so lucky to get to spend afternoons like this.


Just watching her have fun at the park.


It makes me look forward to the coming summer months


and spending lots of warm evenings at the park.


We can jump


and watch the ducks swim


and have a blast.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is my brother Colton's 19th birthday!


He is Kensley's favorite uncle.


and that is not just because he is her only uncle.


He truly enjoys spending time with her. He looks forward to it. For the longest time Kensley didn't really want much to do with him, and then one day she thought he was the greatest guy on earth and she hasn't looked back since.

And he couldn't be happier about that. And we couldn't be happier to have such a great uncle.

Happy Birthday Uncle Colton!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I am so sorry. I have been the world's worst blogger. I have so much to write our fabulous trip to the Cleveland Zoo and Mother's Day. It is unfortunately going to have to wait a bit since I am working the next 8 days in a row, taking care of the house and turning 8 months pregnant! Thank you for being so patient with me and I will be back to update this thing very, very soon!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Girl Bed


This post has really been a long time coming. We changed Kensley over into a big girl bed April 21st of last month because I could no longer lift her up and into her crib or lift her out. So even though she wasn't attempting to break free of the crib, we switched her over out of necessity. As we were expecting this to be a somewhat difficult transition, we wanted to do it in plenty of time before the little mister makes his debut.


The first night went really well. We laid her down and she didn't even make a fuss and crawled right in and went to sleep. We checked on her that night and just the site of my girl in her "Big Girl" bed brought me to tears. Dave tried to be comforting and tell me that we have another baby on the way, but I still think of her as my baby. She was my first and will always be my the first night was definitely harder on me than it was on her.


And for the first few days things were good. She took naps with ease and night time was the same story.

And then one day she realized she could get up out of her crib during nap time and things haven't been the same since.


For one thing I can't tell if she is napping or if she is playing in her room very quietly. The latter seems to most often be the case. Several times I have brought her down from nap time and she is still rubbing her eyes as if she is tired. Other times I walk in and she has turned her alarm clock on, the heater is on and her room is a sauna or she has pulled out every article of clothing she owns out of her drawers.


We are seriously debating getting a video monitor to help us keep an eye on her. I don't mind if she plays in her room quietly. I just want to know so that if she doesn't nap I know to put her to bed earlier at night. Also to keep an eye on her when she should be napping to see what she is actually doing. Also the way her room is set up when you open her door you have to open it all the way and step in to see her bed and often when she is sleeping or napping this wakes her up. We may really have to invest in this one soon.