Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Little Bookworm






Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boy or Girl?

A few people have asked me if I have a feeling this baby is a boy or girl, or if I am hoping for a one over the other. The truth is I have a feeling this baby is a boy, but it is not an overwhelming feeling like I had with Kensley. With Kensley I was absolutely certain that she was a girl. I knew she was going to have dark hair and be chubby and look a lot like her daddy. Dave's aunt and uncle bought us a blue teddy bear when I was pregnant with her and I told them to take it back. No way was I having a boy.

This time around its just a slight feeling I have. I will be surprised (although very happily) if the ultrasound tech tells us that it is a girl. My hubby on the other hand is completely convinced that it is a girl. Just for the pure fact that he thinks he is destined to have all girls. And to be really honest I am not hoping for one over the other. There are plus sides to both. If we have a girl, well everything we already own is pink and sparkly and she will fit right in without us having to buy a lot of new things for her. If it is a boy then we are lucky enough to say that we have one of each and all the joys that come along with that.

I did have a dream last night that I gave birth to a baby boy. I have to warn you that in this dream I was laboring for ever and ever which made no sense to me since I am supposed to be having a c-section. They brought in this 3 month old baby so I could practice breastfeeding on him? And at that very moment Dave came in and thought he had missed the birth of our baby. I had to quickly explain that he hadn't. Then, almost immediately after giving birth to our son we went out for ice cream with our whole family. I got cookies 'n cream. So I wouldn't take that dream too seriously.

16 Week Belly Pics



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A conversation had at bedtime

Me "Did you happen to get into my new package of fig newtons and eat some of them?"

Hubby "Yeah"

M "Oh well today I though I was opening them for the first time and when I did, I noticed there were about 6 missing and I thought I got jipped by Nabisco. I seriously thought about calling them up and telling them before I thought, I bet you he snuck cookies outta here."

H "I didnt sneak any cookies, there is a resealable strip on the top."

M "Whatever you want to call it you cookie theif"

H (laughing) "Ah hun, you make me laugh"

M "Yeah, well you owe me 6 fig newtons"

Monday, January 25, 2010


I really have been such a slacker when it comes to blogging. I am really sad in a way because I love having all of these posts to look back on and see where I was and how far I have come and especially how much Kensley has grown and changed. But don't just think that I am slacking on the blogging front. Just today we took down or CHRISTMAS TREE. Yes, exactly one month after Christmas and we finally got the sucker down. Dave and I have just been too tired to do it any other day and honestly I have seen him one full day in the past month and that day we just wanted to hang out together and be lazy. Can you blame us?

Kensley is doing so much. She now does the wheels on the bus go round and round hand motions along with the doors going open and shut and she will do the motion for mommas saying "shhh shhh shh" although it looks and sounds more like she is picking her nose and breathing really heavily. It is so cute. Maybe I can catch it on video. She has found her belly button and when you ask her where her button is she will lift her shirt up and show you. She has also found mine and sticks her finger in it whenever it makes an appearance. She will also point to her ears, nose and mouth. Whenever any kind of music is on she dances. We watched the golden globes together the other night and whenever anyone claps she claps too. Then turns around to make sure you are clapping too. Also when anyone laughs she laughs this really fake HA HA HA in a low voice like even though I have no idea what you are laughing at I find it funny too! She cracks me up.

She has a stuffed Nemo fish and she picks him up and hugs him and pats him on the "back". She also gives him kisses and insists that you do the same. Tonight when my grandma was watching her she handed Kensley her cell phone to show her a picture of herself on the cell phone. K took one look at herself on the phone, grabbed it and then proceeded to hug it and give it a pat on the back.

Other than that life has been pretty busy. Working, taking care of Kensley and the house and spending time with my amazing hubby whenever I can. I have been reading blogs but not commenting or anything because I just don't have much time. I am still really, really tired all of the time. I had to laugh because I was reading a pregnancy book today that was talking about the sudden rush of energy I am supposed to be getting right around this time. I havent had a rush of anything besides to the bathroom to pee every 10 seconds. I am still waiting for that to pick up. I literally can sleep 10 hours at night and then need a nap. I wake up just as tired as when I went to sleep. It is something I will be talking to the doc about. I have been eating well, lots of fruit and veggies and working out but no energy still. Ugh. I am officially 4 months along today though! A little over a month from now and we shall know if its a boy or girl!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Work it out baby!

So today we finally did something we have been saying you were going to do since Jan 1st- We went to the gym! I am still experiencing some slight morning sickness every now and then but today I felt good. TIRED but good. So we packed Kensley up and headed over first thing this morning. She cried when we got to the daycare. Poor thing cried her heart out but walked through the door and into the room anyway. She was such a trooper. We try hard to just say our quick goodbyes and go so that it doesnt make it any harder on her than it already is. When we came to pick her up she was carrying blocks over to a daycare worker sitting in a chair. She had nearly 20 huge blocks in her lap and K was bringing her two more! This is something she does all the time at home. She cleans out her toy box and brings me every little thing inside it to hold. The one worker told us that 5 seconds after we left she was fine, smiling and playing and they thought she was so cute and sweet. That makes me feel better. I KNOW she enjoys that hour playing with the kids but I only see the crying and my whole workout I spent looking at the door to see if they were coming to get me to tell me to come get my child. HA!

Surprisingly, as tired as I was BEFORE working out I felt pretty good the rest of the day and felt more energetic than normal. I am hoping to go everyday m-f and keep the weekends off to go take K swimming or another fun activity just us. Dave has classes during the day so I don't know if he will come every day with me but I do enjoy the times he can come with us. The gym was PACKED today. Maybe because of the holiday?

I also am officially 15 weeks pregnant today! Whoo hoo! One more week and we have made it into the 4th month :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 28th Birthday!!!

Well I hacked my way onto my wife's site to wish her a happy birthday! It's the least I can do since we're snowed in pretty much and plus she still doesn't feel that great due to the morning sickness(really all day sickness). I'm so proud of her she's been a trooper; even though she doesn't feel good she still tries to go to work and smell Italian food and take care of Punkie, the house and I. I wish you the best birthday baby, its going to be a fun year with the new baby and watching punkie grow into a a great big sister. I love you with all my heart and happy 28th birthday!

Monday, January 4, 2010

One eyed, one horn, flying purple pickle eater!

Here is all the proof I need that Kensley is my child. She loves pickles! The hubby won't touch them with a 10 foot pole and he has the hardest time giving her kisses after she eats one because she has "pickle breath." But I just love the fact that she loves pickles as much as me. I mean, that pickle is nearly the size of her head and she ate every last bite! YUM!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Dashing through the snow

I hope that when I look back at all of these pictures I forget about the 15 minutes of thrashing, blood and tears it took to get her in all her snow gear and simply remember the look of pure joy plastered across that sweet face.