Friday, February 29, 2008

38 Week Pics

My doctor apt is not until 4:30 today, usually I go at 6:30 in the morning. I dont like sitting around waiting all day to go lol. Im just hoping for some progress at least, but we shall see. After the doctor's my mom and dad are coming up to take us out to eat for my graduation dinner. Its not the best time to go out to eat, since my stomach is the size of a small lima bean and I cant eat much, but Im still excited to be going.

We went to Target last night and walked around and I got a bunch of new makeup which makes me excited. I needed something to lift my spirits. Its funny how truly girly I am, that makeup gets me excited. I got the almay eyeshadow to bring out the color of your eyes. Mine are hazel (brown and green) so I already had the one for brown and the one for green, last night I bought the new on for hazel eyes. Its all grey's so Ill see if I like it. Ive really liked all the other ones so far. I also bought eye-makeup remover because I bought some waterproof mascara and I have to scrub my eyes with soap and sandpaper to get the darn stuff off. I will definitely not have racoon eyes when the baby is born! We also bought Dave a bunch of snack bars to take to the hospital so he doesn't starve to death. He was complaining the other day that the hospital has nothing good in their vending machines. So yeah, we are all set to go!

Ill probably update later tonight after we get home from dinner and once we hear what the doctor had to say. But I do have my 38 week belly pics to share as well....



It might just be me, but it does seem like my belly is lower and rounder, like she has dropped some and is out more...but that could just be me..

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kensley's Room

Danielle has been asking to see pics of the finished nursery, and even though I've posted some before it wasn't completely put together. Now it is so here you go ;)

The bedding :)


A closer look at the bedding, since it looks so pale on my camera!



Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Grinch was totally pregnant

  • I actually had a thought this morning that The Grinch who Stole Christmas was actually probably 7-8 months pregnant. He had all of the signs. Moodiness, big belly, his shoes were too tight...I mean in Grinch world he could have been pregnant for YEARS and I would be just as pissed off with those singing whos down in whoville if I had to be pregnant for that long.

  • Monday, February 25, 2008

    Introducing Mya Lynn Marie!



    Yesterday we went to the hospital to visit the latest edition to our family. She was delivered c-section 2 weeks early and weighed 8lbs 5 oz and was 20 inch long! They were glad they delivered her early because she def would have been a 10 pounder. Im def going to be asking the doctor this week where he thinks Kensley is at weight wise, because if shes as big as my cousins (My other cousin had a 9 pounder in Sept) I may be up for a c-section as well when her fat head gets stuck! Mya is absolutely beautiful and has soo much hair that I know Kensley is going to be jealous. I mean, you could practically cut it all off and donate all that hair to locks of love already. I had to restrain myself from trying to eat her perfect little nose. Dave got to hold her for a bit and I almost broke down and cried because he looked so comfortable holding a baby, and I can not wait to see him with our own in just a few short weeks. Besides the fact that I wanted to kidnap her as my own, visiting newborn babies is probably not the best idea for a 9 month pregnant woman. It just makes you all the more impatient. Days now seem like months. I am so so ready for this baby of ours :)

    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Happy 37 Weeks Kensley!

    Its official! She has made it to "full term" and I can now breathe a *sigh* of relief. She can come anytime now and I have to let you all in on a little secret. Im so so ready to have her out. Im to the point right now that I dont even care how badly labor hurts. My back has really been hurting the past few days. Dave gave me a massage last night and its full of knots. I laid on the couch and cried most of last night. Ive really been hoping that my water goes ahead and breaks even though I know that probably wont happen. Like I said, Im just ready. Im sure most women feel this way in the last month. All I can hope is that this week at the doctor things will be progressing, and I can at least feel like the end is near.

    Ive been having cramping, lower back pain and contractions off and on for weeks now, so we have the bags packed and ready to go. All I can hope is that she decides to join us soon! I know I still have 19 days before my due date, and that she could very well/ and probably will be late, Im hoping she comes ASAP. I'm just exhausted and ready to be even more exhausted but in a different way. haha!

    Monday, February 18, 2008

    Back in the U.S.S... (Ugh..ER)

    Even with all the prayers you ladies gave me, I ended up catching Dave's lovely stomach flu and spent all day yesterday in the hospital. I started feeling bad about 11:30 sat night and by 3:30 Sunday morning I was throwing up. I was up all night and couldnt keep a thing down. So at 1 in the afternoon we decided to go to the hospital. I was just afraid of getting too dehydrated and that effecting the baby. They checked my urine and there were keytones? in my urine which meant my body was starting to break down muscle, so they hooked me up to an iv and gave me a shot of meds for nausea. While she was giving the iv I started to feel like I was going to pass out. She checked my blood pressure and it was 104/43. The nurse did say I was looking pretty green. During all of this, baby girl was just fine. Her heart rate was higher than usual (in the 160's) but still perfectly fine. She was rolling around and kicking the monitor the whole time

    I slept off and on at the hospital until about 7:30. After 3 ivs and 3 shots of meds I was able to drink some ginger ale and eat crackers. I came home, took some more meds and passed out. Im able to keep fluids down today and besides feeling a little queasy and weak Im doing better. Im prob not going to be around to comment today, im heading back to bed. Just wanted to let you know Im ok, and not in labor haha. I couldnt imagine having the baby while feeling so ill. There would have been no way to enjoy it feeling like I did yesterday. But still hoping she comes out soon!

    Friday, February 15, 2008

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Thank you for all of your thoughts on my haircolor ladies. I decided to stick with all blonde for now. I figure, Im gonna look all tired and swollen in Kensley's baby pics so I might as well have good looking hair, right? It also seemed to be most of your fav look, and I already knew I look best blonde so a lot of you helped me realize a drastic change weeks before baby is due is probably not the best idea for my emotional well being. Thank you again!

    Today was our 36 week checkup. I was up all night last night with cramps from hell. Ive had them off and on since I went to labor and delivery two weeks ago. But last night they were killer and kept me up most of the night. Nothing timeable, so I knew they werent contractions but goodness If I have to deal with these for another 3 weeks I may just rip this baby out myself. I only gained a pound this week, and if I only gain a pound a week until she gets here my total will be almost 35 lbs. and Im pleased with that. She is measuring right on track still and her head is down and right at my cervix. Im still a little over a cm dialated and 60% effaced. Two weeks ago I was really solid, so at least the effacement is progressing. Ill be back in a week for another checkup, but if I have any timeable contractions I should call the doctor. Im really debating taking a tylenol and trying to go back to bed for a bit. I havent been sleeping well at all lately and this should be the time I try to get sleep! haha. Funny how that works.

    And as for Valentine's Day, this is what I came home to yesterday...

    Picture 427s

    It was actually a lot darker in the room, but I took the pic on night mode. I got a gourmet meal picnic on our living room floor! Salad, bread, grilled chicken and pasta! And he made chocolate molton cake for dessert. He got me a cute card that plays, "Hey good lookin, whatcha got cooking?" because I sing that to him all the time when he cooks dinner haha. He wrote about this being our last holiday alone, but cant wait for our new "addition". He also went to 3 different stores to find me pot of gold chocolate caramels. Do I have the greatest hubby or what? And if you think he forgot that it might be hard for a 9 month pregnant woman to eat off the floor, he put pillows down and he fed me himself ;) *sigh* I love that man.

    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Things Are Looking Up!

    Dave seems to be doing much better today. He didnt eat a thing yesterday, since our goal was to just keep fluids down, but today he has had some toast and has an appetite back. Ill be making him some soup in a bit if he feel up to it. Thank you for all of you who wished him to get better soon, and for me not to catch it. Im feeling pretty good. I stayed in the bedroom ALL DAY yesterday to avoid him, and even though it was the longest day of my was worth it not to get sick. Thank you to all you ladies you sent me your screen names. I had fun chatting with you yesterday! And from waht Ive heard yesterday, most of you agree that Medela is best, which I already knew haha. Looks like Ill be sucking it up and buying a good one.

    Anyways, as promised here are a few pics from Sundays Baby Shower and my 36 week pics!

    Dave and his birthday cake!


    This was too funny, his aunt bought him a tool belt that says "Daddy's Essentials" It has rubber gloves, a face mask, goggles, a pacifier, diaper wipes and a diaper. He loved it! She also bought him a "manly" diaper bag and it was stuffed with essentials!


    Our bedding. Sorry its so pale...its mint green, pink and lace. Its gorgeous in person but doesnt photograph well.


    This dress was given to Dave's mom at her baby shower for Dave. Since he obviously wasnt a girl, she kept it and now has given it to Kensley! That little dress is 28 years old!


    Yay! His aunt made me a Care Bears blankie. I had a Care Bears sleeping bag when was little and I used it until the stuffing came out haha.


    Daddy is ready for diaper duty!!!


    My big belly at 36 weeks!



    Im going to be washing her clothes, sheets and all that today and packing the overnight bag. I need to get that done! I hope you all are having a great day and Ill be on for sure later to comment!

    Monday, February 11, 2008

    Second Baby Shower, Dave's 28th Birthday And A Trip to the ER. Oh My!

    What an eventful day yesterday was. It was Dave's 28th Birthday and we had our second shower :) I got Dave a birthday card from Kensley that basically said she was lucky to have such a great Daddy. I also bought a onesie that says Daddy's Little Sweet Pea. Then I got him a card and a hoodie from AE.

    We headed up to the shower at his Aunt's house and I was completely blown away by all that she did for us. There was soo much food! We had italian and american subs, sloppy joes, 4 different kinds of wings, pizza bites, cucumber sandwiches, a fruit and veggie tray, mac salad, chips, cookies, cupcakes, a chocolate fountain with strawberries, marshmallows and pretzels and then the got Dave a Birthday cake! And this was for about 30 people! Nobody went hungry thats for sure! She also had mints, chocolate candy bars that said ITS A GIRL!, all of these votives and candles she gave to guests...It was amazing.

    We got soo many gifts and even more clothes haha! After both of the showers there is only a handful of things that we still may need and I thought I would list them on here to see if any of you mommies thought it was needed. Somethings we wont need right away. Some we will.

    • More receiving blankets (We only have about 6 total)
    • Those soft feeding spoons for when she starts foods
    • bottle brushes
    • thermometer
    • baby view car mirror
    • mattress pad
    • humidifier
    • more sheets for the bed
    • breast pump

    Not bad at all! And we got about $400 in gift cards to use as well. I was wondering if any of you had used a good dual electric breast pump that was affordable because I had signed up for a medela one that is $250. I know its a great one, but if I can get one for less it would be great. I love when I can ask you all for advice!

    Anyway, after getting home from the shower we started to put the majority of things away. Dave started to complain of a bad stomach ache. I told him to take some tums but he then got even more sick and threw up. He was throwing up of and on for 2 hours with really bad stomach cramps/pains and we decided to go to the ER. We didnt know if it was food poisoning or what, but I ate mostly the same foods as him and was alright. They told us he probably has a stomach bug since they are going around and sent us home. I didnt get to bed until 3:30 am! I had been up since 6 am the day before, plus all that running around. I was dilerious. I woke up at 630 this morning with a terrible stomach ache, but I havent thrown up and am feeling better now. Im confined to the bedroom and Dave is in the living room. Hes starting to keep some fluids down so I hope that helps. But all in all, what a day!

    Ill be posting my 36 week belly pic, pics from the shower and all that tomorrow hopefully. Im just too drained to do it today. Hope you ladies all have a fab Monday!

    Thursday, February 7, 2008

    35 Week Checkup

    I had my 35 week checkup this morning and everything is looking great. Another in and out quick visit. From what the scale said I gained 2 lbs this week, but I havent gone to the bathroom and I know thats why I am up so Id say I only gained a lb. My belly is still measuring right on track, Id imagine she is head down but the doctor didnt say. He told me today that they wont do another internal exam until 37 weeks unless Im having problems. I was kind of bummed and I think hubby was too because we wanted to see if I progressed any, but on the other hand Im pretty happy he didnt have to shove his hand up to my eyeballs to see if Im dialating anymore.

    Came home and hubby got back in bed with me for awhile. That was nice. I couldnt sleep last night because I was so hot. I would throw the covers off and then be freezing. Very annoying. Plus my hubby is the heaviest breather in his sleep. Its not snoring its just BREATHING VERY VERY LOUDLY. I swear he must be running marathons in his dreams. Maybe thats how he stays so thin?

    Anyway, today I am planning on washing some of Kensley's clothes, but Im probably going to try to go back to bed for a bit. After I drink a glass of Sunny Delight. YUM.

    Cute story- I was at work last night and hubby calls and is like, "Did you buy something online?" and Im thinking to myself...I dont think so. No no I'm pretty sure I haven't bought anything in a long time, why? And he says, "Well there is this box from, should I open it? And I'm thinking Ive never head of a in my life. Here, its from Toys R Us lol. It was some things his aunt bought us off the registry. But he was saying it like But when I got home the box did say and I would have probably thought the same thing. Anyway she bought us some more bottles, another sleep sac, pink boppy cover and the sit and spin mat for tummy time. The ladybug she is supposed to lay on isnt very soft though, we may end up just using the mat to lay her on for tummy time. We shall see.

    My gma took this pic a few weeks ago and my hubby looked so handsome in it :) I gush.


    Wednesday, February 6, 2008

    Friday, February 1, 2008


    I really should be working on the mountain of Thank You cards I have sitting here staring at me. I have no motivation to do them. Its a lazy day. Its freezing cold with snow/freezing rain and I just want to stay curled up on the couch under my blankie wasting the day away.

    Not much planned for tonight, I have some cleaning to get caught up on and that's about it. We have free movie passes, but there hasn't been anything out worth using them on. Everything I sort of want to see I can wait till it comes to the $1 theatre. Even if it means going out after the baby is born.

    I took some more pics of Kensley's room. I was bored and there was nothing better to do. So for those of you who asked...Here are a few pics.

    Here are most of the books that we got Sunday at the baby shower :)


    The shelf my grandma made for her room. It just has a few picture frames and things on it now. The piggy bank was my hubby's when he was a baby.


    The glider with the afghan my grandma made for her.


    The pack n play. It fits perfectly beside our bed too :)


    The diaper bag I got. I actually love it because its a messenger bag, but also comes with these hooks to hook it onto my stroller bar. Its very convienent.


    Her drawer that is stuffed with bibs, onsies, burp clothes, recieving blankets, socks, shoes, hats and headbands!


    My favorite burp cloths :)


    What her closet is looking like these days. I have soo many more clothes to hang up, but we ran out of baby hangers. Plus all of her bath stuff and misc stuff is in all the clothes baskets lol.


    Her mobile. We have yet to get the bedding and her curtians since we are getting those at the shower next Sunday. After we get all of that stuff I will take pics of her completed room!