Monday, March 31, 2008

Gotta love the Boppy

here she K in her favorite place to sleep. I think the boppy pillow simulates my arm quite nicely and she seems to love it :)


In other news, I don't have a crying baby. I have a whiner and a squeeker. She makes the most pitiful sounds when she wants held or food and she squeeks when she wants our attention. I guess I can be grateful she isn't a screamer huh? ;)

Gotta love the Boppy

here she K in her favorite place to sleep. I think the boppy pillow simulates my arm quite nicely and she seems to love it :)


In other news, I don't have a crying baby. I have a whiner and a squeeker. She makes the most pitiful sounds when she wants held or food and she squeeks when she wants our attention. I guess I can be grateful she isn't a screamer huh? ;)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scrub A Dub Dub

Kensley's umbilical cord finally fell off, so last night we gave her a real bath! The first in her tub. She had been getting better and better with the sponge baths so I was hoping she would enjoy the tub. Before she even got in she peed all over daddy and the bathroom floor. Dave just stood there like a deer in the headlights instead of placing her over, you know, the tub, toilet or sink nearby. So we had a nice mess to clean up before we placed her in. She cried a little at first, but after that I think she realized, "Hey, this isnt so bad!" I got some video and pics of the whole event!



I think the video may be too long to post! Ill have to take a shorter clip next time!

And one more of Lil Miss Binky Face-


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!

I woke up this morning and Kensley's umbilical cord fell off finally! It was hanging on by a thread yesterday. My baby girl is getting so old! Im thinking of putting it in an envelope and putting it in her memory box. Im sure it will gross her out, but oh well! Ill leave you with a few pics from yesterday...

Kensley in her Easter dress!


Our little family


Passed out in bed


5 generations- Dave's grandma, mom, Dave, his Great Grandma and Kensley.


Friday, March 21, 2008

So ready for the weekend

Wednesday Dave worked 8-4 and then 730 that night until 730 the next morning and then worked another 8-4 shift. It was the worst two days Ive had in a long time. I missed him terribly and Kensley must have missed him too, because she decided she was NOT going to sleep. Nope. Nuh uh. She was up all day and then was up from 3-7 that morning. Everytime Dave called I cried when I hung up the phone. I finally see what it would be like if I was a single mom, and I couldnt handle it. To all of you single mommies, you rock. Just having to be the sole caretaker of such a demanding little baby was an eye opener. My hubby does so much, I know I couldnt do this without him.

So last night we really just needed to have a break. We decided to go out to dinner and so we went to Carrabba's. Everyone was so excited to see Kensley. We stood up at the hostess stand for a good 20 minutes so everyone could get a good look at her. We had a great dinner and she slept through the whole thing. My boss paid for our meal, so we had an amazing and free dinner. I was so excited to get out of the house! We stopped at Target to get a new bottle brush (seriously, who made those things so cheap?) Ive been through 2 already in 2 weeks! We came home, gave Kensley a bath and then headed to bed.

Im so excited because as far as I know Dave has tomorrow and Sunday off and Im looking forward to having him here to help me out. Sunday we have to drive down to see my family and then back up to Green to see Dave's family. I hate holidays because we end up driving all over, but I know everyone will want to see the baby. She has the cutest Easter dress that her aunt Kathy bought her. Ill try to get a few pics of her in it :) Hope you all have a great weekend!


She always is looking in that direction and I just realized she is watching the tv! haha

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Birth Story

Friday March 7th at around 3:30 a.m. I woke up to a gushing of fluid and thinking it may be my water I went to the bathroom to check. It wasn’t my water, but a thick clear discharge. I went back to bed and was trying to get some sleep when I noticed that I was getting sharp period-like cramps that came on strong and then went away. This was much different than before when I had constant cramping, so I decided to start paying attention to when they came. They started out at about 10 minutes apart, then 7-8 and around 5 am I tapped Dave on the head and told him, “I think something is going on. This might be it.” Between 5-6 am my contractions were about 5 minutes apart so we decided to call the doctor. Doctor Vance called us back and told us that we should get our things ready and head to the hospital. Dave had already begun to get things ready to go before the doctor even called back! You could say that he was just a tad excited. That car ride to the hospital was a strange one. At the time, we kept telling ourselves that it was probably nothing and they were going to send us home to wait even longer for our baby girl. I was hoping that I would have her on the 8th because 8 is my favorite number and Dave kept saying, “Yeah, but 7 is a lucky number.”

We got to the hospital around 6:30 and we are checked into labor and delivery. I put on my beautiful hospital gown and got hooked up to the monitors. We settled in and began watching the contractions on the computer screen. They were not very big and I began to get upset thinking this is false labor and I will be going home yet again without my baby girl. Doctor Bob came in and introduced himself. He is the hospital doctor and will be helping Dr. Robinson (my doctor). He says he is going to check me and see where I am at and then in 2 hours he will be back to check me again. If there is any progress they will admit me, if there isn’t then they will send me home. He checks me and I am 1cm dilated and 60% effaced. The exact same thing I was at 35 weeks. He walks out and disappointment sets in. I have been having strong contractions for 3 hours now with no change and the contractions are hardly showing up on the monitors. I began to cry from the frustration. Dave was nothing but supportive, telling me that maybe I will progress in the next two hours. I tell him not to hold his breath. Right then I felt a huge gush of fluid and I began thinking it may be my water breaking. I told Dave to look down there and see what it looked like and it was a huge amount of blood. I began panicking and Dave went to grab the nurse. She tells me this is my “bloody show” and then tells me that this is not a “gush”, not even close. She also says that possibly when Dr. Bob checked me he pulled out the rest of my mucus plug. Around 9:30 Dr. Robinson comes in to check me and I am now a good 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced! Since there was some progress, he said he was going to go perform a c-section and when that is over he would come back and check me again. Now we were super excited thinking, “Please let there be some sort of change!” I called my mom at work to let her know what was going on and that if I’m admitted Ill call her right away. We were supposed to be at the doctors for a check-up at 7:40 and I told my mom I would call her to let her know how it went. Boy was she surprised when I called her from the hospital instead! She told me to call as soon as I knew anything. A little before 11am Dr. Robinson came back in from the c-section and checked me again. This time I was 2.5 cm dilated and 90% effaced. It wasn’t much but since I was still progressing he asked me if I wanted to stay. I screamed, YES! He said that he could send me home, but I would probably be back soon anyway so to go ahead and admit me and get things going by breaking my water and getting me started on pitocin. He walked out of the room and Dave began jumping up and down. This is it! No turning back now! Kensley would be here before the end of the day probably!

We called my mom, Dave’s mom, my aunt Kathy, my grandma, my best friends Sarah and Danielle and Dave called work to tell that he wouldn’t be in and then we walked over to our new room. This is when the nurse told us that we would be having a snow baby. Apparently there was a winter snow storm coming in and it was going to be ugly. Leave it to my baby to show up on the worst weekend of the year so far. When we walked into our room, the first thing I noticed was the complete white-out outside. You couldn’t see a thing. I guess we can be grateful Dr. Robinson didn’t send us home in that. We met our nurse, Trish, who just so happens to be the most amazing woman ever. I fell in love with her instantly. She was probably in her 60’s and reminded me of my grandma. She just told you like it is and was really straightforward but funny. She told me she was going to start the pitocin and explained what that would do. Dave left to go out to the car and bring in all of our stuff. Family and friends began showing up. Around 3:30 Dr. Robinson came in and checked me and I was 3 cm dilated. I was really beginning to feel the contractions at this point and my whole family was sitting there telling me when one was coming on. Dave sat and held my hand and talked me through each one. Not too long after this Trish told me that I might as well go ahead and have the epidural. She assured me that it would not slow down the labor, if it did they would give it to everyone in preterm labor and then send them home, and it would make me much more comfortable. I agreed, and everyone was told to leave for about 30 minutes. My anesthesiologist came in and we got ready for the epidural. My bed was jacked up and wouldn’t lay flat so my spine was curving. Because of this, she kept hitting my spinal column and it was sending a sharp shooting pain down my back. I began crying at one point, probably from all the nerves, (and the thought of being paralyzed forever) and I remember I kept apologizing for the crying. The anesthesiologist was super sweet and told me she felt awful because she made me cry and had me apologizing to her. She had to take it out and do it again before she actually got it in. I was starting to wonder if she was going to get it in or not, and if I was going to have to go through childbirth naturally. I was so relieved when she finally got it in. The epidural was the strangest feeling I have ever felt in my life. You can definitely feel pressure inching its way down your back, but it wasn’t painful. I think the fact that I was so nervous made it harder to bear. Almost immediately I felt better and within 15 minutes I couldn’t feel any more contractions. Dr. Robinson came back in and broke my water, which was the huge “gush” my nurse warned me about, it went all over the floor and my bed and it kept coming and coming! He also inserted an internal fetal monitor on Kensley (which I was not happy about) and an internal monitor for me, because surprisingly the monitors on my stomach where not picking up my contractions at all and that’s why it looked like I wasn’t having any. He had my nurse insert a catheter to drain my bladder and then family was allowed back in.

After that my labor progressed pretty quickly. They told me that getting to 5cm is the longest and hardest part of labor and then it usually progresses pretty quickly after that. I just happened to progress by the hour- 3cm at 3:30, 5cm at 5, 6cm at 6 and 7cm at 7. And that’s when it all stopped. After 7 I stayed at 7cm. They had me laying on my right side (they have you switch back and forth sides because the epidural works by gravity) and the nurse asked me if Id like to move onto my left side. I told her I was fine. I should have moved. A short time later I began to feel contractions on my left side. Just my left side. I had been laying on my right side for too long and the epidural had drained to that side. They were getting terribly strong and I had to really focus to breathe through them. The nurse moved me to my left side and the anesthesiologist came back in and gave me another shot of pain medication. In about 10-15 minutes I was feeling better. Dr. Robinson checked me again around 9 p.m. and Im still at 7cm. He begins to tell me that if I don’t make a change soon, we will have to start thinking about a c-section. At this point I don’t even care what it takes to get her out. Im exhausted. Ive been up since 3:30 that morning and the recent stretch of contractions really drained me. I told Dave later on if I would have progressed, there is no way I could have pushed. I had no energy left. About this time the nurse comes in and tells me I need to go back on my right side because while im laying on my left, Kensley’s heart rate was dipping slightly. She told me that Kensley was pressed up against the placenta. So back to my right side I go. AND THAT’S WHEN THE WORST PART OF THE WHOLE LABOR BEGAN. The contractions came back, and with a vengeance. They were long and hard and strong and I could feel them building up, and lasting forever and then going down slightly before starting again. I was holding Dave’s hand and crying and trying to breathe my way through them. It was awful.

At 11 p.m. Dr. Robinson checks me and I am still at 7cm. And we decide to go ahead with the c-section. Im a mixture of relief, exhaustion and stress because now we are dealing with surgery and longer recovery time. But I just wanted to do whatever was best for the baby, and the idea of a c-section wasn’t foreign to me since all of my family and most of my friends have had them. They switch my meds and turn off the pitocin. They tell Dave to get ready and then my mom and grandma give me a kiss before they wheel me down the hall. I get into the operation room and Im FREEZING. My teeth were chattering so bad I could hardly talk. They threw some warm blankets on me and I felt a little better. Dr. Bob then informs me that he has to shave me “down there” and I make a joke about no lightening bolts and he didn’t get it. Im laying there being prepared for what seems like forever when Dave finally comes in. I ask him if he can see what is going on, but he tells me the Dr is in the way. Suddenly I became completely dehydrated and kept thinking how I could really use a glass of water...I wonder if this nice nurse would give me water…I hope I get some ice chips in recovery etc. I could smell something burning and I felt some pressure and before I knew it they told me her head was out! They really had to push hard because her shoulders were so wide and when the doctor was really pushing I felt like I might throw up. But just a few seconds later she was out! I heard Dave tell me she had lots of hair and a huge conehead. The conehead thing surprised me because I hadn’t pushed at all, but being stuck at 7cm for so long caused her to have a conehead and a huge bump on her head. We later found out that she was "sunny side up" facing towards the ceiling and thats what caused the bump on her head and the reason why I never progressed past 7cm. That and the fact that she weighed 8 lbs, she would never have came out any other way). Kensley Brittann was born on Friday March 7th at 11:42 p.m. She weighed 8 lbs and was 19 ¼ inches long. Dr. Robinson leaned her over the curtain and I saw this slimy unhappy baby. I heard her crying just a little as they cleaned her and checked her. I heard someone say she got an 8 and then a 9 on her APGAR test. Then Dave brought her over to me and I really saw her for the first time. It was absolute love at first sight and she looked exactly like her daddy, just like I knew she would! They wheeled me into recovery and Dave and Kensley followed. I got to watch her being measured, weighed, cleaned and poked before they finally handed her to me. Our family finally got in to see her around 1:30 am.

Sitting here now writing this, I really couldn’t be happier with the way everything went. Im so glad we got to have the excitement of going into labor at home, the fact that our doctor let us stay, (Since we got a record 19 inches of snow that weekend! And it would have been terrible to go home and have to come back in all that mess. We missed the whole ordeal!), that I got an epidural when I did and the fact that I ended up getting a c-section which wasn’t bad at all. I felt really good immediately after the c-section and I am so glad our hospital let Kensley and I be together at all times. I am so happy with everything. Even the bad parts were not too bad, and in one of those early mornings when I was holding Kensley in my arms, and I was smelling her sweet scent and listening to her heartwarming coos, I told myself instantly, “Id do it all over again tomorrow!”

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A little scared...

Dave is working 12-7 today and so that means today is my first day all by myself with Kensley. And to be honest Im a little nervous. My husband has been such an amazing help to me this first week of her life and now its all on me. I cried when he left for work today and I felt awful because I know he was having just as hard a time leaving. It just shows me how wonderful he really is. I am so so lucky to have him. Lets hope I can keep it together until 730 when he gets home.

Luckily I have the most amazing invention imaginable. A bouncy seat. Ive set her in that on vibrate and I was able to do the dishes, pump (over 3 oz!) and eat breakfast. Im in love with that thing and every new mother should have one.

Last night was a rough night, no matter what we did Kensley wouldnt go to sleep. We fed her, rocked her, put her in the bouncy seat, burped her, changed her diaper...nothing worked. Finally around 7am I laid her in the crook of my arm and let her sleep beside me and she slept until 11. I always said I would NEVER let her sleep in bed with me. But when your at that point, you will do anything to get her to stop crying. I know your not supposed to let them sleep in bed with you, but I wasnt completely asleep...I never really am. Im poking her face to see if shes still breathing and every deep sigh, or coo, or mumble jerks me wide awake. But I am feeling pretty good from that 4 hour stretch.

Im going to go take advantage of the fact that she is still sleeping and get some laundry done!



Friday, March 14, 2008

My little porker

Today was Kensley's one week check-up. We almost missed the appointment entirely because we set the alarm for 9 this morning and I woke up to Dave saying, "Babe its 9:30!" Apparently he told me it was 9 and then went back to sleep. So we frantically got her dressed and out the door in under 20 minutes. We rock and should be given medals.

Kensley weighed 8 lbs at birth and then weighed 7lbs 12 oz when we left the hospital. Today she is back up to 8lbs 7oz. She gained over 1/2 a pound this week! She also went from 19 1/4 inches to 20 inches. Im so glad she is healthy and growing, but Im also sad cuz I want her to stay little forever. I guess we dont have to worry about her eating though, she is definitely getting enough!

The nurse went crazy over our sweet little baby. She said she was gorgeous and could be a movie star haha. She was going on and on about her coloring and her hair and her chubby little legs. We are a bit biased, but its great when other people agree that your baby is precious. The nurse was too funny because she said some babies come in after a week and look all squirrely and she has to tell the parents they have an adorable kid but she just wont look them in the eyes haha. But then assured us again that we had the cutest baby. We heard her out in the hallway telling our doctor that he had the cutest baby of the day lol.

Pumping is going a little better, Im now getting out about 2 ounces. So she is getting severeal bottles a day of breastmilk. I weighed myself yesterday and Ive lost 18 lbs so far. Im hoping once I can get moving again some more will come off. My c-section wound is healing pretty nicely, and it only really hurts when I get up off the couch or out of bed after laying for awhile. Nothing too bad. I know some people have a really hard time healing.

We may venture to the mall at some point today. We have even more family coming to bring is dinner tonight. We havent had to cook at all this week and it has been so nice. Our family has blown us away with all that they have done for us. Im still slowly working on the birth story, its very long because I want to remember as much as I possibly can so I can give it to Kensley. Ill be posting it as soon as it is complete!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't wake a sleeping husband

Dave has been so helpful during the day, so at night I have been trying to get up with her as much as I can and let him sleep. This is also because my husband is a very sound sleeper and half the time doesnt wake up until I yell "Dave" and he jumps so high out of bed you would think his butt was on fire. Also, after waking him up from his deep sleep, he isnt much help to me. Last night I asked him to go get a bottle for me while I changed her diaper. I heard him go out into the kitchen and then go to the bathroom. He came back in the bedroom, smiled at me and crawled back into bed. I asked him if he forgot something? He looked at me and rolled his eyes. He got the bottle out of the fridge, set it on the counter and then went to the bathroom. It was pretty funny. Either way, we have decided Dave is much better at helping me out if he gets some rest at night, and since I cant sleep at night if I hear her he lets me lay down during the day to nap while he takes care of her. Its working pretty well for us.

I have to keep this short because I need to go eat dinner and then pump. I hope you all are doing well and even though I havent been commenting, Ive been trying to keep up with all of you. Tomorrow is Kensley's first doctor visit so hopefully Ill have some good news to share. Like how my 8 lb baby now weighs 45 from all her late night feedings.



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So in love with our baby girl

Ive been trying all day to get on here and when you have a newborn things just dont get done when you want them to. The past few days have been long and hard, but also some of the most rewarding and fulfilling days of my life. Im still feeling a bit sore from the c-section. A mix of a strange burning feeling in my gut and then a numbness around the c-section site. Luckily, Ive been able to squeeze in an hour nap here and there and I feel pretty good after each of those. Pumping is going well, but slow. Ive been getting about an ounce out each time. So I give her that before she gets any formula. I'm hoping it starts increasing soon, but I'm hearing that an ounce a feeding is normal. I have a little miss piggy on my hands though. She woke up almost every hour on the hour last night wanting to eat. She ate about 2 ounces give or take each time. Today she drank 3 oz at two feedings. Im quite proud of my little eater. She had her first bath today and it went surprisingly well. I tried to keep her covered as best I could and only did a small section at a time and even though she screamed, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. We basically spent the day today all three of us cuddled on the couch. She laid on Dave's chest and slept for 3 hours and all we could do was stare at this perfect little creation of ours. We cant believe we made something so perfect, so sweet and so beautiful. It doesnt take much to entertain us these days, just a quick gassy smile and we are over the moon.

Even though I didnt think it could grow anymore, my love for Dave has surpassed anything I ever thought it could be. He has been so good with Kensley. Ive only changed one diaper so far and I had to ask. He immediately scoops her up in the morning and I have to pry his fingers off of her to get a chance to hold her myself. I constantly hear them in the other room having conversations with each other. Basically, Dave monopolizes the conversation by telling her she is the most beautiful thing and she grunts and groans in response. We have been working really well together as a team and I have to realize that we are in this together. It feels good to know I have such a wonderful husband. I couldnt do all this without him. Plus I wouldnt have this baby girl who just so happens to be an identical twin of my husband. Seriously, Ill post his hospital picture and you can all see for yourselves!

Everyone has been so wonderful the past few days. Plenty of visitors and callers and a few came to bring us dinner. But the best times these past few days have just been the time the three of us have spent together. I know Im going to be heartbroken when Dave goes back to work next week. But not nearly as sad as I know he will be. We are just trying to soak it all in.

Sorry for the lack of updates and Ill be working on the birth story as soon as I can. I havent been around to any of your sites, but know that Im thinking about all of you and hope you are all doing well. Feel free to update me in a comment and Ill try to get around to see how you are doing soon. Im off to go stare at this amazing little girl a bit more!

All ready to come home from the hospital!


First car ride!


Daddy's little girl


She takes after him!


Not happy with all the pictures.


Oh! Those feet!


And here is Dave and I at Kensley's age!

babydaves Vanessa 6wks

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Send labor thoughts my way! (SHE IS HERE!)

Ive been up since 330 this morning with contractions, and since 5am they have been around 5 minutes apart and getting more painful. I called the doctor and she wants me to go into the hospital to be monitored. So we are getting ready to go there now. Please send some good thoughts, I dont want to come home without my baby! We brought the laptop and will update if we can. If not I will update when they send us home....

*EDIT* We have been admitted into the hospital. When I got here I was 1cm dilated and 60% effaced, after 2 hours Dr. Robinson checked and I was 2 cm and 80% effaced. I got my "bloody show" and what a show that was...YUCK! The nurse told me that was nothing..haha. He did a c-section on another woman and when he got back from that I had progressed a little more, so he asked if I wanted to stay and I said YES PLEASE! ha ha So they will be breaking my water, putting me on an iv and seeing how I progress. They may start pitocin if nothing happens. Just thought Id keep you posted. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!!!

Actually, they just started pitocin and havent broke my water...Ill edit if I can ladies!

*Daddy EDIT* We have had the baby! We had her at 11:42 P.M. by Cesection. Vanessa was 7cm for 4 hours with no progress, so we had to go to plan B! Kensley was 8 pounds and 19 1/4 inches long. She has a lot of dark hair. I'm going to try to up load some pics but we have a slow internet access so I'll do my best.


^Kensley This morning at 8:30


^Kensley getting her first full check-up after being born. (look at all the hair!)


^Kensley and Mommy in recovery.


^Kensley right after birth.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy 39 Weeks Kensley! (Now Get Out!)

Nothing much has happened or changed over the weekend. Yesterday my cramps continued all day and then I started to have this squeezing sensation in my stomach. It lasted most of the day, but I know it was nothing serious. I did go #2 about 6 times yesterday too haha. I guess I can take it as my body getting ready, but Ive told myself that a thousand times and really, how long does it take your body to get ready?! I have yet to lose my muscus plug, or have any type of bloody show so I know Im not that close yet. Did most of you ladies have that happen right before labor, a few days before or not at all? Ill just be sitting here praying for my water to break. Actually, its almost 60 degrees out today, so I might just go for a walk and try to get things going. I know a lot of you are going to be induced sometime this week, so at least I can live vicariously through all of you. Because I know that my baby is up there just shaking her head and laughing and saying, "You know I am never EVER coming out!" In which case I have already grounded her until she is 35.

So anyway. I thought I would post the pics of my belly so you can all watch as my belly grows to unnatural proportions. Hopefully this will be the last week of all this stretching and growing, because honestly I dont think that it can anymore!

5 weeks:


10 Weeks:


15 Weeks:


18 Weeks:


19 Weeks:


21 Weeks:


23 Weeks:


24 Weeks:


25 Weeks:


28 Weeks:


30 Weeks:

30 weeksS

31 Weeks:


32 Weeks:


33 Weeks:


34 Weeks:


36 Weeks:


38 Weeks:


Saturday, March 1, 2008

38 Week Checkup

Went to the doctor yesterday and everything is still looking the same. I lost 4 lbs, my blood pressure was 117/70, her heart rate is excellent. I havent progressed anymore from last week. My next apt is next Fri and if I make it to that one they will strip my membranes. He checked and said he could feel her head right there! Which I already knew, because boy can I feel it! He also guestimated that she is around 7-7 1/2 lbs. So no 10 pounder for me yet So yeah, now its basically a waiting game to see if see if she decides to come on her own or not. I have been having bad cramping all day today, but Ive been cramping for a month now and that hasnt done a thing. No contractions because this is a CONSTANT pain and nothing timeable. So we shall see..At least now we know she will be a March baby and our little lucky charm!

Went to dinner last night with my parents and it was delish. On the way out my dad said, "Next time we see you, you will be handing me my grandchild!" haha. I sure hope so.

Anyway, I just thought I would update and let you know baby girl is still in the oven and who knows when she is coming out! haha.