Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An update

A few nights ago I was over at my cousin's (who lives literally right beside me) and I started getting this tight squeezing feeling in my tummy so I came home, laid down and it went away. The next night it returned and it kept me up all night and yesterday morning it still hadnt gone away. It was this tight feeling in my tummy with a lot of pain. I felt sick to my stomach and sort of nauseous but I went into work last night. Once I got there it started to get worse and one of the girls joked about not wanting my manager to deliver my baby so I figured I would call into the doctor just to see what he said.

He wanted me to come in right away since neither he or a nurse practitioner would be in the following day and if it happened to get worse I would have to go into L&D. My boss was really understanding and told me to go right away. Just to let him know what the doctor said and what was up.

I got to the office and they ran a urine sample and apparently I have a kidney infection and some contractions. I believe its the kidney infection that is causing the contractions but my doctor didn't seem to thrilled about me working so much on my feet with no breaks. He wants me to take off work till Thursday, prescribed me some meds for pain and the infection and Thursday morning I will go back in for a pre-term labor test and an ultrasound and he will then decide if I should return to work.

Luckily last night Dave was hoem to take care of me. He brought home dinner and New Moon and we relaxed on the couch, and today I have pretty much been parked in the same spot ;)

Today I feel worlds better, no tight tummy squeezing. I really do think it was the infection that was causing the contractions. I am hoping the doctor doesn't want me to stop working because we need the money, but I fully understand that whatever it takes to keep Rowan happy and healthy and growing INSIDE my tummy for the next 15 or so weeks I will do.

Lots of you sent well wishes on Facebook and thank you ladies. As for the rest of you who didn't know I just wanted to let you know I am feeling better today and yesterday at the doctors office Rowan's heart rate was a solid 141 bpm and he was happily kicking up a storm ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just a girl

There are so many things to look forward to when you have a girl. The pretty dresses, tons of accessories, teaching her your great fashion sense etc. It seems that Kensley shares a few of my interests and that is fun to see. Lately that interest has been make-up.


She keeps busting into my make-up case.


And before I know any better she is covered in pinks, purples and brown eyeliners.


Today she practiced on me.




She hasn't quite perfected the application process, but there is plenty of time for that...


Right now we are just having fun.




Because all I can think is, "Oh sweet little girl, slow down. Stay my baby just a while longer."


Friday, March 19, 2010

Kensley Stats

27 lbs 13oz
34" long
Head- 18 1/2

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day Fun

Hope you all had a good St. Patrick's Day. The weather here was B-E-A-U_TIFUL so we spent the morning at the park. Kensley was having such a good time that she threw the biggest fit when we had to go home. But there will be plenty more days for going to the park.


She went down the slides all by herself too. Such a big girl!


I was laughing so hard because I could barely get my pregnant butt up in the swing to swing with her, so we were half hanging off the swing trying to pick up speed.




And once we hit the sandbox, this is where we stayed the rest of the day. She LOVED the sandbox. I hear Papa is making her a sandbox for the backyard and now we know that she is going to love it.




When we left we decided to stop at the local ice cream stop for a small cone to cheer her up. It worked for a few minutes at least ;)





And what would St. Patrick's Day be without a little GREEN?


Shrek green is what I think that color should be called. Kensley let me paint her toes one foot before she grew tired and insisted I put her sock back on. No Irish pride I tell ya.


And my sad attempt to get a pic of the two of us in our green. I was on my way to work so that will explain the shirt and tie. I don't usually dress like a man. ;)


Eh. You get the idea at least.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What do you do when its too cold and rainy to play outside?


We make a late afternoon stop to the local pet store and run around looking at all the fish!


She was seriously mesmerized by them.


Standing on tippy toes and banging on all the glass.


We spent a good hour just laughing and smiling while looking at all of the different varieties.


And the birds!


She stood there talking to them for ages. In her own little language of course.


A pretty good way to spend the afternoon, no? ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010







Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Bump is growing...

It has been a few weeks since I have posted a baby bump picture and even this one is several weeks old, but it shows that the bump is indeed getting bigger. This was around 19-20 weeks.



These were taken before our big move and sadly with the move, Kensley's birthday party and just life in general getting in the way I haven't had much time to take a belly picture. I will have to try to fit one in tomorrow.

And speaking of life- here are some things that we have been up to lately.


One of the first nights in the new house Kensley and I had a pajama party and watched Milo and Otis while eating fruit in bed. We had a blast, I got a ton of snuggle time, hugs and kisses and I have to remember to do more things like this together in the future. Mani/Pedi's are in our future ;)


We have been reading books. Lots and lots of books.



And getting the house all ready for Easter and the Easter Bunny by hanging stickies on the window. We may even try to dye some eggs soon if we get brave enough ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swim Lessons


We started taking Kensley to swim lessons a few weeks ago. We thought it would be a good idea since my parents own a pool and also it was something we could take her to during the winter when there is not much to do outside.


It just so happens that the class falls on daddy's afternoon off so he gets to take her. He was so thrilled to do it. I get to do so many things with her and here was his chance to join in the fun.

It may also have to do with the fact that mommy is almost 6 months pregnant and can't fit into a swimsuit and Lord knows nobody wants to see me in a swimsuit any way.


It was so good to see that she didn't hesitate one bit getting into the water.


She looks miserable doesn't she?! Actually, she took to the water like a fish. I was ALWAYS in the water when I was little. I just loved to swim and I think she may feel the same way.


They played all sorts of games. Here is where they had to swim to the side of the pool to get a toy.


They went round and round in circles singing songs.


And definitely got wet!


She practiced her kicks...


And swished back and forth.


She shot right up out of the water! With a little help from Dad.


Overall, I think they both had a great time in the water.


And we can't wait to do it again next week!