Saturday, February 20, 2010

On the move

Posting may be light for the next week or so. We are transitioning from our old home to our new home and we were told they can't be out to hook up our internet until March. So if I can hop on for a few minutes at our old house or stop at Starbucks for coffee and a post I will. See you when we get back online!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pink Nightmare

I get a call from Dave yesterday morning, he is over at our new place painting while I am back at home watching Kensley and trying to get a few things packed up. He tells me the paint that we bought for the living room (which is supposed to be a sand/tan color) looks pink when wet. Oh great. But at the time we figured it was just because the paint is wet and given a chance to dry will return to the appropriate color. About an hour later he calls to see if I want to come look at it. Uh oh.

We get over there and he is right. The paint is definitely this pink, fleshy tone. The walls we painted over are this terrible banana cream color and for some reason it seems to bring the pink out in this paint. There is no way this color is going to work, we have a red couch which would bring the pink out even more. Besides that, this color is just ugly. Unfortunately, we bought 4 gallons of this paint that is now useless. Huge lesson learned. BUY THE SAMPLE PAINT AND PUT IT ON YOUR WALL FIRST. Nothing ever turns out the way the paper color sample looks and everyone's home, walls and lighting are different.

So back to Lowe's we go. This time we pick out two colors and buy the sample to take home. One of them, a milky chocolate covers up the pink and is the exact color we are looking for. Thank you Lord. Boo to wasting $80 on useless paint though. But like I said. Lesson learned.

And sorry, no picture of the aforementioned living room paint color. I am trying to erase it from my memory. Never want to be reminded of it again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Isn't she lovely?


There are just some moments when I look at my daughter and it takes my breath away. My God. She is beautiful. I am sure every parent has moments like that. Where they are blown away by the innocence and beauty that their child possesses. This photo really captures that for me.

Monday, February 15, 2010

18 Week Belly Pics



Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our daughter is a genius

Pretty sure I have made it known that my daughter definitely speaks her own language. Other mothers ask me all the time what words Kensley knows how to say and to be honest she knows hundreds of words. They are just not any words you and I would know or hear in general conversation. Definitely not English and may not be of this world either. Recently though I have heard her talking to herself and I get her saying letter sounds like "A" and "B". Its a work in process but it is something I think is really going to explode any day now.

Because just today we heard her say 4 new words! Can you believe that?! And you will never in a million years guess what they were. No really. Guess. Keep guessing.

Ok. Ok. I will tell you.

Dr. Seuss and Stinky Butt.

The latter was in reference to her own of course.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sickie Sick Sickies

Monday afternoon after we got home from our doctors app Kensley started to look a little sick. Her eyes where glossy and when I felt her head she felt a little warm. I took her temp and it was about 101 so I gave her some motrin and although she sort of just picked at her meal that night when she went to bed her temp was back down around 98.

All night long she woke up crying out and then falling back asleep. Around 4:30 am she woke up and stayed up so I went and got her some orange juice and brought it in to her. She felt like she was burning up but was so lethargic and just wanted to lay on my chest while I rocked her that I didn't take her temp till a few hours later. I had called Dave and told him to get some more motrin on the way home from work. Right before he got home I decided to change her diaper and then took her temp. It was 104.3. Dave came home, we gave her the Motrin and then called the doctor. The nurse told us we might as well come in so we did. Unfortunately, the doctor told us we brought her in too soon to tell what the cause of the fever was since she really had no other symptoms. He did test her for the flu but that came back negative.

So all day yesterday and all day today we have had one sick little girl on our hands. We have tried to make life as easy as possible for her but she has been so frustrated over not being able to tell us what she wants. Sometimes she wants me, then she will only have daddy hold her and she screams if I come anywhere near her. It truly is heartbreaking to watch your baby feel miserable and know there is nothing you can do.

If she is still feverish tomorrow we are going to call the doctor again to see what he wants us to do next. I am praying she wakes up feeling more like herself.

We have been dealing with Snowmageddon 2.0 anyway so we haven't ventured out much. I did brave the storm to get the hubby an ice cream came and some things to make a nice dinner and necessities. Here is to hoping the weather clears up and my baby feel better in the morning.

Here are a few pics of little miss punkie butt from the other morning. Please excuse the pajamas and wild hair. That is just how we roll at the Barb house.





Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear!

Just had to pop on here real quick and wish my #1 man a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is being a big pansy about this one in particular and has been moping like a little girl so I won't tell you how old he is. Just that today he can no longer say he is in his 20's. You do the math.

What else can I say to express how much I love this man? My best friend. My babies daddy. He rocks my socks. He deserves to have the best day possible. The other night I asked him if he would like cake or brownies for his birthday and he told me a kiss would be more than enough. Well babe. I think I can handle the kisses and there will probably be some brownies enjoyed today as well.

I love you baby! Hope you have a fabulous birthday! I know I will be celebrating because I am so grateful for the day you came into this world and made mine a better place. You are the best husband, greatest father and most amazing man. Kensley, sticky bun and I are so lucky to call you ours!



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Proof that my husband can fall asleep anywhere.

Many of you know that my husband works nights. 7pm-7am and a lot of the time he picks up over time to work even more than the 3 nights a week he is scheduled. He also is in school for nursing, has a daughter to help take care of and an endlessly demanding pregnant wife to deal with. But even before his schedule was so crazy he could literally fall asleep standing up. It really frustrated me that when we first got together he could fall asleep so easily when for me it takes me ages to fall asleep. And the littlest things wake me right up and I can't go back to sleep.

Not my hubby.

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said he could sleep through a tornado. The second night we stayed in the hospital after giving birth to Kensley he passed out on the couch. It was early in the morning and I was on a strict schedule of pumping every two hours. So here I am, hooked up to the hospital's midevil milk extracting device and Kensley wakes up at that very moment to feed. For one, I am hooked up to all sorts of devices and can't reach her. Two, I am not quite sure if I should stop pumping since I am bound and determined to get my milk to come in and lastly and probably most importantly have just had a c-section and there is no way I could budge anyway. So I do what any other woman would do in my circumstances, I yelled for Dave to get up. Except I yelled at a decent volume and he didn't so much as stir. So I yelled louder. Louder. LOUDER. All while Kensley is screaming louder. Louder. LOUDER. Nothing. At this point I am about to cry (and frantically looking around the bed for something to throw at him) when the nurse (from down the hall) comes in the room to ask me if I need some help. She couldn't help but laugh at the fact that my husband had slept through all that yelling and screaming. "He must be so exhausted" she said. Yeah, maybe. And deaf.

Today he comes home from work and he looked exhausted so I suggested that he go upstairs and sleep for awhile. Bless my husbands heart because he hates being away from Kensley and me so he just fell asleep on the floor so he could be near us. How any normal person could get a good sleep on the floor is beyond me, but you may have already guessed my husband is no normal person. Because Kensley used him as a prop for all of her toys and as her own personal chair and he never even flinched.



He may be what you call a sound sleeper.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowmageddon and the Super Bowl


This weekend we got hit with a ton of snow just like most of the east coast. I worked on Friday night and could not believe the amount of people who were out and about on the roads. We were more busy Friday than we have been all month. Something about the bad weather brings people out! I stopped and got necessities at the grocery store after work and we spent all day Saturday snowed in. We declared it pajama day and lounged around. It was really nice.


Sunday we went to the Mustard Seed which is an organic food store about 45 minutes from home. We have an organic store closer but it is not as big, so every now and then we go to the Mustard Seed. We are hoping that some time this month we can drive up to Cleveland and visit their Whole Foods. We are thinking about getting a small freezer and stocking up on some free range, antibiotic free and hormone free meat. We figure since Whole Foods is a chain the prices may be a little cheaper.

We got home and got ready for the Super Bowl! Kensley and I colored on the floor while we cheered on the Colts. Sadly, they didn't really show up on Sunday. I haven't seen them play that badly in awhile. I watched Drew Brees hold his baby boy after the game and choke back tears and I couldn't have been more happy for him and the Saints. They deserved that win. Commercials were disappointing. I didn't think too many were good this year.

Today we had a doctors app. Baby #2 is doing good and with a heart rate right around 145. I have gained about 4 pounds total and my blood pressure was fine. A nice and easy appointment. I am experiencing some round ligament pain that takes my breath away every now and then but overall things are good! We scheduled our ultrasound and should get to see baby #2 again in early March!