Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I havent had much time to post because Ive been too busy entertaining my baby, going for walks, cleaning etc. But I wanted to hope on here real quick. I had a great first Mother's Day. Dave (and Kensley) made me breakfast in bed (pancakes) and they made me a Mother's day card. Dave told me he put the crayons in Kensley's hand so she could "help out". Its a beautiful card because its handmade and he also wrote me a poem inside it. Its not Shakespeare, but the fact that he put so much time into melts my heart. Inside it says- WE LOVE YOU! WORLD'S BEST MOM! YAH, ITS MOTHER'S DAY!

To a great wife, To a great mom, this is the first, But won't be the last!

You've been great to me, You've been great to her, I know you will continue to be great!

We are both so lucky, Lucky that you are ours, Lucky that you are her mother, Lucky that you are my wife!

Thanks for everything baby! Enjoy your day!


Your Teddy Bear and Miss Piggy Pants

Can you get any sweeter than that? He also got me a beautiful "K" necklace from Tiffany's which I had been joking around about getting. They have beautiful cursive initial necklaces and I told him I wanted a "K" and then a "R" for our next baby (since no matter the sex their name will begin with R). I didnt think he would actually get it for me though. Plus, I can always give the necklace to Kensley when she gets older.

We spent the day with my mom and grandma's and visited my cousin and her 8 month old baby girl, River. I cant believe how big she has gotten just from the baby shower. I cant imagine Kensley being that big. Ugh. I want her little forever!

Again, Hope all of you ladies had a fabulous mother's day. Especially those celebrating for the first time! I know it was very special to me and I will always remember it. Also hoping that next year many of you will be celebrating your first, you all so deserve it and I know your dreams will come true.


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