Friday, August 15, 2008

Picture Post

I have a bazillion pics to post and just have not got around to it yet. So here they are...

Kensley in one of the few onsies that actually says "Mommy" on it haha. Take a look at those delicious thighs!

Getting a better look at her shoes.

Playing with the doll Great Grandma bought her.

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this face every morning?

My new hairdo..the curly version today because thats how I did it. Ill try to post a pic of it straight as well. You cant really tell here that it gets longer in the front.

The back view...

And some of you had questions about the baby food I make. How I store it, how long it lasts etc. After I steam and puree the fruits/veggies I scoop them into individual servings in a ice cube tray. Then I freeze them and pop them out of the tray. (These are apples and pears...)

They make cute little serving cubes like this and then I just defrost them in the microwave.

Then I store the rest in a double freezer bag like this and take out two at a time when I need them. I've read that you can keep them frozen like this in your freezer for several months.

And finally, this is the teether that I highly recommend. Its from Khol's but they don't have it on their website. When Kensley chews on the orange (antenna?) it vibrates in her mouth and soothes her gums. She absolutely loves it.

Thats all for now...It takes so long to upload, resize and add pictures on here. Such a pain!

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