Friday, July 31, 2009

A bunch of jibberish

So Kensley will be 17 months soon. And the only real word I can get her to say is Dada. She says the occasional Hey! or Hi! but the majority of what comes out of her mouth is Dada. Dada this, Dada that, Dada Dada Dadee Dad. I can not wait for the day when she says another word. Any word. And although I work tirelessly on it, that day might not come for awhile. I crack up listen to her jibberish. She has these grand stories with hand motions and I just know she is telling me something extremely fascinating, I just dont know what it is yet. Anyway, I taped her the other day jabbering away and thought I would share it. So here you go.

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  1. My 19 month old is not much of a talker either. He actually quits talking altogether when his mouth hurts from teething (which lasted two months when his molars came in). I didn't really speak myself until I was almost 3. Everyone at their own pace, right? But it does get frustrating--nice to know we're not the only non-talkers. =)


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