Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cheerios Game

As a mother I am constantly trying to find things for the kids to do to drag them away from the t.v. I try to limit the amount they watch but it's a constant struggle when Rowan is begging to watch Mickey Mouse and Kensley will sit and watch the weather channel if you would let her, just to watch t.v.!

So enter Pinterest...I have been searching on there for activities for the kids and came up with this activity. I don't think this actual activity was on Pinterest...I just looked around the house for some items that would be similar. Basically I just had the kids string cheerios through kabob sticks. I didn't know how much they would get into this but Kensley sat at the table for over an hour playing "The Cheerio Game" as she called it. Basically, she raced Rowan to see who could get the cheerios all the way to the top first. I don't think she even noticed that Rowan wasn't interested in racing her ;)






They had a fun time and it was nice to have them spend some time entertaining themselves!

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