Friday, December 11, 2009

My favorite scent on earth

Every single year at Christmas time Dave and I head to Bath and Body Works to buy their Christmas Spice candle. This year when I walked in it was nowhere to be found and I literally wanted to lay down in the store and cry. We looked at the whole line of Christmas candles and they had something along the lines of "cinnamon and clove" which I thought might be like my candle but it wasn't. It just wasn't the same strong cinnamon smell we love. By chance I happened to get online and found the Spice candle. I wasn't even sure this was the right candle but since they were having a sale 2 for 20 I bought 4 candles. When it came the other day in the mail I was so nervous but this indeed the right candle. My whole house smells so yummy and now it finally smells like Christmas!

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