Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Cookies '09

Last Saturday we spent the day at my Grandma Sally's (or GiGi's as
Kensley would say) making Christmas cookies. This is an annual
tradition although now when I come to think of it I don't think I
participated last year for some reason or another. I think the
weather was bad or something. Anyway, this year Kensley got
to participate and she had a blast. Adding sprinkles to the cookies
was by far her favorite. She ate A LOT more than she put on the
cookies, but that is what sprinkles are for!

Here is my brother putting all those arm muscles to good use ;)

My Official Cookie Taster ;)

Spencer was ready to gobble up any cookie crumbs

Kensley and GiGi

Ready to get my sprinkle on!

It was so very neat to see how involved K got to be this year. Last
Christmas she was only 9 months old and just starting to crawl and
this year she is so much more interested in everything and she is such
an intelligent little girl. She has made this holiday so very special and I
can not wait to make even more Christmas memories with her this year
and all the many more to come!

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