Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sun and Sand

No, sadly we didn't slip away on a beach vacation. Saturday I took Kensley down to see gramma and papa and they just so happened to buy her a sandbox. A turtle sandbox that I know I once had and Dave and my brother too. Who born after 1980 didn't? I remember my brother and I playing in it under our playhouse. He always had dinosaurs and trucks and I was more content building sandcastles. At least for 5 minutes anyway. I am 9 years older than my brother, so I was probably 12 or 13 by then and not as interested in playing in the sand as he was.

The moment I saw it though it brought back all those memories of us playing together and I am so looking forward to the day Rowan is old enough to play with his big sister in the turtle sandbox. She absolutely loves to play in the sand. If we go to the park it is one of the few places where she sits still and plays for hours. So I knew she would love having her own and I was right!

She was very serious about her sandcastle building.


Uncle Colton joined in and help build them


and she did a great job destroying them



I think her favorite part was destroying them. She also HATES when she gets sand on her hands and holds them out to whoever is nearby to wipe them off. I couldn't help but think what a girly thing that was. Sitting in a pile of sand, covered up to her waist but still wanting to keep her hands clean.


I know where we will be spending a lot of time this summer!

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  1. awwww cute!
    I remember having one of those. Oh the memories of childhood.


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