Saturday, May 29, 2010

6 Year Anniversary

Today was our 6 year anniversary. I can't believe it has been 6 years! They have completely flown by. I can remember the day like it was yesterday and our wedding was so much fun. I remember talking to Dave on our way to the hotel that night and both of saying we would get married 100 times over because we had such a good time. Today was just as beautiful as it was 6 years ago, maybe a little hotter. We spent the afternoon shopping just Dave and I. Kensley spent the day with Grandma Patti and got to go see Shrek 4 at the movie theatre. I think its safe to say she didn't miss us too much ;)

Our first stop was at Old Navy and we really scored some good deals! I got Rowan 15 shirts, 2 pairs of pajamas and we bought Kensley another bathing suit. We should have paid $110 for all of that and I ended up paying $45. I was super happy with that!


Then we drove up to the outdoor mall and spent the whole day outside walking around. We found this adorable swim outfit for next year...


Dave got me an adorable diaper bag for an anniversary gift and I think maybe I should feel bad about only getting him a gift card to Chipotle? haha But I am justifying the cute bag with the fact that its not really just a gift for me, its a gift for the babies as well. Right? ;)

After shopping we stopped and had dinner at Hibatchi Japan. It was absolutely delicious and we had such a great time!


Got to love the onion volcano ;)

We then picked up Kensley and spent the evening with friends playing in their backyard.


They have two boys who are 1 and 4 and Kensley just adores them.


She never ever wants to leave their house when we visit.


Can you blame her?


It was a great way to spend our anniversary. I love having days like this to reflect on the amazing man I married. I know its important to try to remember it every day, but these days are extra special. My hubby is my best friend, my perfect match. I watched him today as we ate nachos and cheese break my chips in half because that is how I like them, he talked me into a gift because he told me over and over I deserved it, he held my hand and made me feel beautiful. I watched him play with our daughter. I witnessed all over again the amazing dad he is when I watched him on our video monitor tonight lay beside her in bed because she woke up crying and wanted her daddy. I am so blessed. So unbelievably lucky to know him, have him and call him my own. These 6 years have been such a gift and I am looking forward to growing old with my best friend by my side.

Love you baby.

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