Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big Girl Bed


This post has really been a long time coming. We changed Kensley over into a big girl bed April 21st of last month because I could no longer lift her up and into her crib or lift her out. So even though she wasn't attempting to break free of the crib, we switched her over out of necessity. As we were expecting this to be a somewhat difficult transition, we wanted to do it in plenty of time before the little mister makes his debut.


The first night went really well. We laid her down and she didn't even make a fuss and crawled right in and went to sleep. We checked on her that night and just the site of my girl in her "Big Girl" bed brought me to tears. Dave tried to be comforting and tell me that we have another baby on the way, but I still think of her as my baby. She was my first and will always be my baby...so the first night was definitely harder on me than it was on her.


And for the first few days things were good. She took naps with ease and night time was the same story.

And then one day she realized she could get up out of her crib during nap time and things haven't been the same since.


For one thing I can't tell if she is napping or if she is playing in her room very quietly. The latter seems to most often be the case. Several times I have brought her down from nap time and she is still rubbing her eyes as if she is tired. Other times I walk in and she has turned her alarm clock on, the heater is on and her room is a sauna or she has pulled out every article of clothing she owns out of her drawers.


We are seriously debating getting a video monitor to help us keep an eye on her. I don't mind if she plays in her room quietly. I just want to know so that if she doesn't nap I know to put her to bed earlier at night. Also to keep an eye on her when she should be napping to see what she is actually doing. Also the way her room is set up when you open her door you have to open it all the way and step in to see her bed and often when she is sleeping or napping this wakes her up. We may really have to invest in this one soon.


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  1. awwwww she is so adorable. You take the best pictures but it doesn't hurt that you have such a beautiful daughter. I have a friend who can't break their son into a big boy bed. He was.... 3.5 and still in bed with them. It wasn't until the 2nd baby came along that they tried transitioning into his own bed. I'm sure the new baby has been in their bed this whole time and will continue until ... who knows when. I'm sure it is hard but I'm glad she is doing well with it.


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