Saturday, November 16, 2013

Making the Best of a Situation

We moved into the house on Thursday and we won't have heat (thanks gas company) till Tuesday. I have been struggling with my anger about the whole situation but we are making the most of it. Thankfully we have a woodburner in this house and one of my dad's friends was so generous and donated a bunch of wood to the "Keep The Barb's From Turning To Popsicles" fund. We also have been blessed with a little warmer weather this weekend. Very thankful for that. This morning I woke up to this...


Everything I love most in this whole world is right here with me in this room. Things could be so much worse and I took a moment to realize that this is a temporary inconvenience and that some people deal with no heat on a daily basis. My family is healthy and very much happy (the kids treated this as a camping experience) and that is all that matters right now.

In some positive news, Dave met our new neighbors and they seem wonderful. They even let Dave borrow their riding lawnmower to mow the lawn as we don't even own one yet.


So sweet of them.

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