Friday, April 17, 2009

3 Balls

Dave found these balls at Target the other week for around $5 and because they are just like the balls in her Gymboree class we bought them for her as part of her Easter present. They have tiny little holes all over them and so they are very easy for her to fit her fingers into and hold onto. If you came over to our house, this is exactly what you would see. She walks circles around the living room holding on to three of these balls. If she falls down and needs to pull herself back up she does so continuing to hold onto the balls. She NEVER lets go of them. This afternoon I had to pry them from her fingers to get her to take a nap. Best $5 I think that we have spent so far...


  1. I love it when kids get attached to random toys like that!! It's so cute!

  2. Hahah what an adorable story, and a very cute photo to accompany it! :)

  3. Teagan has the same pj's! What a doll!


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