Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daddy At Gymboree

I know I talk a lot about taking K to Gymboree, but hey, that is our life and what we are doing a lot of at the moment so oh well. Dave had yesterday off so we made it a family event and we all headed there for her class. Of course K had a blast with Daddy there. He is much stronger than I am and can lift her up onto the equipment over and over and it was a nice change for her I am sure. The funny thing was the other kids and how they reacted to having a Daddy at Gymboree. A lot of them stared, one little boy kept catching balls and then bringing them over to Dave to have, and one little girl kept crawling over and laying in his lap. She kept saying "HI, HI, HI" over and over to him. It occured to me that they probably dont get a lot of Daddy's at Gymboree.

This is in no way a jab at fathers, I know a lot probably work during the day and would love to come to a Gymboree class with their kids. It just made me stop and think how lucky I am, and how lucky Kensley is to have a daddy that not only has the day off to spend time with her, but that cant wait to take her to Gymboree. He looks forward to Gymboree. She is just one lucky girl and so am I.

So really this is just a shout out to the greatest Dad I know. The greatest hubby I know. We love and appreciate you. So so much.

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