Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

I didnt post yesterday because can I tell you how exhausted I was yesterday? I went to bed at 9 pm. With the lights on in my bedroom because I was too tired to turn them off. I was THAT TIRED.

Dave worked all day yesterday so it was up to me to get Kensley up and fed and dressed in her Easter best and down to my parents, lunch at my parents pack everything up and get her up to his family's house by 4 for dinner and more festivities, then home, bath, book and bed. I am exhausted just thinking about it all over again!

We didn't have to be at my parents until noon so we had plenty of time to get ready and all that, and she slept for a half an hour on the way down to my parents. She got her Easter baskets and her fav thing in them was an Elmo toothbrush. She LOVES to brush her teeth and the fact that it had elmo on it was even better. She carried it around with her the entire day.

After we ate dinner we packed everything up and headed up to Dave's family. I figured since it was an hour drive she would fall asleep but she didnt. I knew that meant she was going to hit a wall while we were there and I couldnt have been more right. She opened up her baskets from Grandma Patti, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Bill, Shane and Sarah, and one from Great Grandma Audrey and Great Grandpa Buddy. We pretty much ran out of the door so I didnt get to say goodbye, but we had a lovely Easter dinner.

Kensley was in bed by 7 and didnt make a peep after that. She was beyond exhausted and so was I. But it is important for me to have these memories of her with our families. Good or bad, this is why I do it instead of just keeping us holed up at home. I know some of you only see your families a few times a year and I am lucky that we live 30 minutes from each side.

But note to self- make sure Dave has next Easter off.

Here are the few pics I managed to get of punky in her dress with her Easter baskets. (She got 6 total Easter baskets yesterday full of books, snacks, bubbles, outfits, socks, shoes, candy, and the beloved toothbrush).

Look how much difference a year makes...

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter Sunday!

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