Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boy or Girl?

A few people have asked me if I have a feeling this baby is a boy or girl, or if I am hoping for a one over the other. The truth is I have a feeling this baby is a boy, but it is not an overwhelming feeling like I had with Kensley. With Kensley I was absolutely certain that she was a girl. I knew she was going to have dark hair and be chubby and look a lot like her daddy. Dave's aunt and uncle bought us a blue teddy bear when I was pregnant with her and I told them to take it back. No way was I having a boy.

This time around its just a slight feeling I have. I will be surprised (although very happily) if the ultrasound tech tells us that it is a girl. My hubby on the other hand is completely convinced that it is a girl. Just for the pure fact that he thinks he is destined to have all girls. And to be really honest I am not hoping for one over the other. There are plus sides to both. If we have a girl, well everything we already own is pink and sparkly and she will fit right in without us having to buy a lot of new things for her. If it is a boy then we are lucky enough to say that we have one of each and all the joys that come along with that.

I did have a dream last night that I gave birth to a baby boy. I have to warn you that in this dream I was laboring for ever and ever which made no sense to me since I am supposed to be having a c-section. They brought in this 3 month old baby so I could practice breastfeeding on him? And at that very moment Dave came in and thought he had missed the birth of our baby. I had to quickly explain that he hadn't. Then, almost immediately after giving birth to our son we went out for ice cream with our whole family. I got cookies 'n cream. So I wouldn't take that dream too seriously.

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