Monday, January 18, 2010

Work it out baby!

So today we finally did something we have been saying you were going to do since Jan 1st- We went to the gym! I am still experiencing some slight morning sickness every now and then but today I felt good. TIRED but good. So we packed Kensley up and headed over first thing this morning. She cried when we got to the daycare. Poor thing cried her heart out but walked through the door and into the room anyway. She was such a trooper. We try hard to just say our quick goodbyes and go so that it doesnt make it any harder on her than it already is. When we came to pick her up she was carrying blocks over to a daycare worker sitting in a chair. She had nearly 20 huge blocks in her lap and K was bringing her two more! This is something she does all the time at home. She cleans out her toy box and brings me every little thing inside it to hold. The one worker told us that 5 seconds after we left she was fine, smiling and playing and they thought she was so cute and sweet. That makes me feel better. I KNOW she enjoys that hour playing with the kids but I only see the crying and my whole workout I spent looking at the door to see if they were coming to get me to tell me to come get my child. HA!

Surprisingly, as tired as I was BEFORE working out I felt pretty good the rest of the day and felt more energetic than normal. I am hoping to go everyday m-f and keep the weekends off to go take K swimming or another fun activity just us. Dave has classes during the day so I don't know if he will come every day with me but I do enjoy the times he can come with us. The gym was PACKED today. Maybe because of the holiday?

I also am officially 15 weeks pregnant today! Whoo hoo! One more week and we have made it into the 4th month :)

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