Monday, July 12, 2010

First Doctor Visit

Today was Rowan's one week checkup. He is now weighing in at a solid 9lbs! Unfortunately she didn't measure his length or his head (probably because it wouldn't have changed much in one week). That means that Rowan has gained about 7 ounces since Thursday when we brought him home. He weighed 8lbs 9oz then. We definitely have an eater! Right now he is eating anywhere from 2-4 oz every 2-4 hours.

The nurse practitioner who saw him today said everything looks wonderful. Good strong heartbeat, his reflexes were great, his eyes and ears look good, he looks a little yellow but nothing to be too concerned with. While she was checking him he did decide to poop all over her and his blanket. Way to make a first impression!

Kensley watched her little brother like a hawk in the doctor's office. She got very upset when the nurse started to look him over and we had to remind her that she wasn't hurting him and that he was alright. She is very protective of him.

Sometime this week Kensley has learned the word "UP" and she demands it all day long now. Of course right now I can't pick her up so that has been hard. She doesn't understand why I can't hold her and I feel bad that now she can ask and I can't do it.

We also made our first trip to Target today as a family of four. I think it is so cute that every time we get in the car Dave announces that we are going out as a family of four now. It really is so neat to think that is what we are now. Things feel really complete (for now ;) and we couldn't be luckier!

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