Friday, July 30, 2010

Water Park!

Today we were so fortunate to have Dave's family invite and pay for all of us to visit a water park about an hour from our house. We also got super lucky in the fact that today was another beautiful day. Nice and warm but not too hot and no humidity. Mama is a tad burnt tonight though and I was not in the sun very long at all!


This is when they first got in. The water was a little cold ;)


Kensley was really brave and went down this slide several times, but after awhile she started to go up the stairs and then come right back down.



Rowan spent the afternoon passed out in the stroller in the shade. I am sure he will enjoy the water park more next year!


Kensley DID NOT want to get out of the water. She had an absolute blast. Luckily we have tickets to come back another day!



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  1. I found your comment on Kelly Hamptons page and I had to write you. You mentioned that you have friends who wish their babies would fall asleep in their bed BUT you wished yours would fall asleep in YOUR bed...I just wanted to tell you

    I AGREE! I co-slept for the first 10.5 months, when I noticed that my daughter wasn't sleeping very well so I just went and put her in her bed. And she slept great in she just won't sleep with me and I totally miss it!


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