Wednesday, January 26, 2011

6 Month Check-Up and Chuck. E. Cheese.

On Monday we took Rowan for his 6 month check-up. We are a few weeks late on that but cut us some slack. I had to wait for a day that Dave was off so he could come with me. Why you ask? Did you not read this post? If not I'll go ahead and give you a minute to catch up on THE MADNESS THAT IS MY LIFE. If you remember how my last trip went, then you fully understand why I would wait 3 weeks for a day when Dave could come too. Of course, If you are a mom then you fully understand that my children acted like perfect angels this time since daddy happened to tag along. (Note: Not in any way were they angels because they are scared of daddy or know that daddy means business. He is the biggest push-over ever made. It was solely to make me come across as crazy. Like, Honey! How can these kids ever get on your nerves? They are absolute ANGELS).


Can you get a look at my husband? Probably playing angry birds. Again, why did I introduce him to that game? Why?

Anyway, back to the check-up. Rowan is doing fabulously. He now weighs 21 lbs 8 oz and is 27 1/2 inches long. So our little chubberz is completely off the charts when it comes to his weight. He is a little over 50% on his height. Our doctor joked and asked us what we are feeding him but the truth is K was a big baby too and as soon as she started crawling/walking she slimmed way down. Right now I am loving my Chunky Monkey. My arms not so much...

He was supposed to have four shots this check-up but we have already decided that he will never get more than two. He did really well and only cried for a second. He is such a tough guy.


After his check-up we met with our playgroup at Chuck. E. Cheese. Is it sad that I didn't know how to spell his name until yesterday? Or is it more sad that I now know the correct spelling? We have already been to Chuck E. Cheese once so I already know that Kensley couldn't care less about the games. She is way more into having coins and putting them in the slots like her piggy bank at home. She kept asking for "pennies", put them in the game slot and then promptly walked away. Leaving me to finish the game all while holding her 21 lb brother. At least three times she managed to get away from me and I had to look around for her long enough for me to see the headlines, "CHILD ABDUCTED FROM CHUCK.E.CHEESE. MOM WAS BUSY PLAYING GAMES". Why is it that when things are going wrong I automatically read the headlines in my head? Am I the only one who does that? Luckily, I would find her pretty quickly and we would move on to another game.

I had a coupon for 20 free coins and I MADE THOSE COINS LAST. When it was time to go we had 60 tickets and I was afraid she wouldn't be able to get a thing and after seeing all the cool things the other kids could buy with their 900 tickets she would hate me forever for being such a cheapskate mom. You know how everyone always complains about the fact that they spend $20 in that place and walk out with three pieces of crap? Well we got two packages of sweet tarts candy and a bracelet. FOR FREE. WE TOTALLY CHEATED THE SYSTEM.

Eat that Chuck.E.Cheese!

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