Monday, November 15, 2010

She is SO Brave

On Friday afternoon I headed to the doctor's office with Kensley and Rowan for Rowan's four month check-up. I have never had to take the kids by myself before because we always scheduled it on a day that Dave was home too, but now that Dave is working more there was no way that he could come. Me being the awesome person that I am figured that I could handle it as I have taken them plenty of places on my own before. Those are some famous last words right there.

We arrive at the doctor's office and as soon as we walk into the office Kensley remembers that this is a place that she always gets a sucker at. So immediately the tantrum begins. I am horrified as she starts screaming, "MAMA!!! MAMA!!!" and throws herself down on the ground. Trying to advert this from turning into major crisis mode I go over to the counter and grab her a sucker. Mr. Hyde calms down and eats her sucker and we sit patiently until the nurse calls our name.

Everything is fine at first. Rowan gets weighed and measured, 18lbs 9oz and 26 1/4" long. We head back and wait for the doctor to come in. All is well with the world. Dr. Nyugen comes in and does is assessment on Rowan. He looks good and healthy. He makes some small talk with Kensley and then goes to leave. This is when things start to make a turn for the worst. Kensley wants to go with Dr. Nyugen. He being the nice doctor that he is politely asks her to stay with mommy and brother while he goes alone to do big doctor things. Her 2-year-old brain does not compute this and loses its mind. She throws herself down on the ground, tears running down her cheeks. She screams, "BUH-BYE!!! BUH-BYE!!!", tries to throw a trash can over, punches me in the arm. She basically lost her marbles. I try to tell her that there is nothing I can do, we have to wait for Rowan to get his shots.

But she doesn't get that. She continues to lose it. Snot is shooting out of her nose, she is drooling all over the place. I start thinking that the people in the rooms beside me must be thinking that I am tearing her limbs off one-by-one. For some reason I start laughing. I start and I can't stop. I laugh so hard that I start crying. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. You want to know how to infuriate your two-year-old even more? Start laughing at them when they are having a melt down. It totally works. She begins to freak out even more. She has gone BONKERS. Guys, SHE CLAWED AT HER FACE. She was so insane that she was tearing the flesh off of her body. SHE MADE HERSELF BLEED. Please tell me I am not the only one who has a child like that.

And here I am still laughing. I am laughing so I don't cry. I am waiting for candid camera to pop out of the walls or something. But instead I just get the nurse. She comes back in to give Rowan his shots. This distracts Kensley for all of 5 seconds. Long enough for me to hold my baby down while some strange lady pokes sharp needles into his precious not so little little baby thighs. Cue screams from him, tears from Mama and Kensley latches on to the nurses leg and begs to leave with her. She does this quick maneuver where she detaches Kensley's arms from her leg and scoots out the door at the same time. Leaving me to deal with this 2-foot-tall screaming tornado.

By the time we get up to the cashier to pay on our way out Rowan is snoozing in his car seat and Kensley is quietly sniffling. The cashier looks down at Kensley and then looks at me and says, "She is SO brave." Umm...She didn't get any shots!

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  1. Oh No! You poor thing.. I hate taking both kids to the doctor for this particular reason. Not to mention it just so happens every time we go they make us wait FOREVER to be seen. Ugh!


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