Monday, February 16, 2009

We bought a new camera!

After debating and researching and browsing and then seriously looking we finally decided to buy ourselves a new camera. I love my little point-and-shoot, but have been wanting a good quality camera for some time. We chose the Canon 50D because we had head only good things about it, and it seemed like a high quality camera that even my illiterate mind could figure out how to use. We have been playing around with the different settings and things for the past few days and I am so impressed. I absolutely love it. We got some really good pictures of Kensley including this one.

I just love her eyes in that one. You can finally see how blue they are!

And I have to say how much I love this one. There is nothing better than a sleeping baby. Am I right?

And I tried to get one of bath time, but little missy will no longer sit down in the tub. She wants to stand THE WHOLE TIME. So momma is a nervous wreck trying to wrangle a slippery little girl to sit back down the entire bath time.

We hope you love the new pics as much as we do!

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