Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Living Naturally

*Just a disclaimer before I even get started on this post. This is my blog and I feel that I can write and say whatever I feel in my heart on this blog. Some of you may not agree with this post, or maybe sort of agree/sort of disagree and that is completely fine. I understand that we all take a different approach to our lives, our parenting etc and I feel that nobody is a better person than anyone else for the choices they make. We are all simply trying to live our lives the best we can.*

Before I get onto talking about Jillian's new book I kind of wanted to give a background to my personal choices for our lives as well as raising K. When I became pregnant with K I began to think about a lot of things that I never really had before. I began to hear stories about toxins in plastics, how to buy bpa-free bottles and nipples, the dangers of non-organic foods, not to microwave milk, to cloth diaper, to hold off on vaccinations etc. I researched a lot of it and made my decisions based on what I read and the idea that I could do a lot of small changes to make our environment a better one for our baby. I started to buy method products to clean our home. They were safe for the environment and didn't use harsh chemicals and perfumes and they were non-toxic. We bought K bpa-free bottles, nipples and pacifiers. I bought her all natural soaps, diaper cream and lotions. And when she started to eat solids I made my own organic baby food. I did not choose to cloth diaper (something that I may consider for the next baby) and even though I planned to breastfeed my milk never really came in and the most I could ever pump in one sitting was 2 oz. But I was alright with that. We made a lot of steps in the right direction. When K began drinking cows milk we started to buy organic whole milk. Not the cheapest thing in the world, but the benifits of drinking milk that was free of antibiotics and pestisides is worth it to us.

The thing is, that we were taking all of these steps for K, but Dave and I never really made any changes for ourselves. We still drank from plastic containers, we used harsh chemicals on ourselves in our shampoo, conditioners, toothpaste, deodorant etc. We did not eat much organic food. Does that seem hipocritical in a way?

Anyway, I checked out Jillian Michael's new book about secrets to boosting your metabolism. And right there in the book it spelled out for me what I already knew. That what we are putting into our bodies, on our bodies and around our bodies is making us fat and even worse, sick. It really was quite simple. The chemicals and man-made products we eat and surround ourselves our messing up our natural hormones. They are causing our bodies to go way out of wack and keep us fat, depressed, anxious. It is really quite simple. If it didnt grow from the earth or have a mother, than why are we eating it?

It really is such a facinating book and without giving the whole book away (I really encourage each and every one of you to read it) it has taught me soo much about the things that we should stop eating right now. The chemicals that we should be staying away from. Did you know that farmer's pick tomatoes when they are green and then gas them to turn them prematurally red? The chemicals and pestiside residue that we consume has increased our cancer rate? How can chemicals used to make a cookie last on the shelf for over 10 years be good for us?

I have already started to look at ways we can buy more fresh foods, less packaged foods, buy more natural body products and have even found cookware that is safe to use called Green Pan. (Teflon is a chemical that when heated slowly realeases into your food). No more diet coke or splenda. Use organic honey or natural sugar. She even explains that if you want a sweet treat, eat ice cream with 5 or less ingredients, the closer to natural the better.

Im not sure if any of you read MckMama, but she is pretty much a God when it comes to cleaning and living naturally. I have found plenty of tips on how to clean with vinegar, clean your body with goats milk soap and cloth diaper. Her kids eat extremely healthy and they like it! You want to know why? Well, she doesnt give them any other choice! Every meal she gives them plenty of options and each and every one of them is healthy. They eat what they like and its all good for them. Everybody wins. I tried this with K and the first thing she gobbled up? Brocolli! It can be done, if you start them young and early.

Anyway, I will get off of my soapbox now. But I really encourage each and every one of you to read this book. Even if your not looking to lose weight, read it for your health, your kids health, your families sake.

And if some of you are already living pretty naturally, feel free to comment and give me some of your great ideas. I am open to anything! And coming from someone who never thought twice about cloth diapering or what I put in my own mouth (besides if it was fattening or had a lot of calories) that is saying a lot!

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