Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Patio

Dave and I had lived in an apartment for nearly 6 years before we moved to the townhome that we now live in. When we lived in that apartment the one negative thing about it (well, there was more than one negative thing but lets just keep things simple!) was that we didn't have a patio. When we needed to take our dog out we had to walk him out our door, up the stairs, out the main door, through the back parking lot, around the building and out into a field. Can I tell you how fun that was? Especially in the winter when you had to go through all that and then wait as my dog walked from one spot to another than back than forth, back and forth, back and forth until he decided to go? Aack.

So when we decided to move and found this townhome we were delighted to find that we had a back patio. We talked about finally getting a grill (my hubby's passion is grilling), getting a table and chairs and finally having friends and family over for dinner while getting to enjoy the sprin/summer/fall outside. This weekend we finally got around to getting it set up. And I must say so myself, it turned out really nice!

Here is Dave assembling the new grill-

One of my new hanging plants-

The view from the back yard looking in onto one side of the patio-

The other side of tha patio (you can see we ran out of mulch half way through!)-

Our table and chairs (Walmart steal for only 118!) -

Dave cooking hot turkey sausages. His first time using the grill :)

These plants were growing when we moved in, so we have to thank the old tenants for those...

The view from inside the townhome-

The flowers from another hanging basket-

It only took about an hour or so to get everything together and we are very pleased with how it turned out. Don't you think it looks lovely? Now we cant wait to have you all over for dinner to enjoy it!

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