Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pink Nightmare

I get a call from Dave yesterday morning, he is over at our new place painting while I am back at home watching Kensley and trying to get a few things packed up. He tells me the paint that we bought for the living room (which is supposed to be a sand/tan color) looks pink when wet. Oh great. But at the time we figured it was just because the paint is wet and given a chance to dry will return to the appropriate color. About an hour later he calls to see if I want to come look at it. Uh oh.

We get over there and he is right. The paint is definitely this pink, fleshy tone. The walls we painted over are this terrible banana cream color and for some reason it seems to bring the pink out in this paint. There is no way this color is going to work, we have a red couch which would bring the pink out even more. Besides that, this color is just ugly. Unfortunately, we bought 4 gallons of this paint that is now useless. Huge lesson learned. BUY THE SAMPLE PAINT AND PUT IT ON YOUR WALL FIRST. Nothing ever turns out the way the paper color sample looks and everyone's home, walls and lighting are different.

So back to Lowe's we go. This time we pick out two colors and buy the sample to take home. One of them, a milky chocolate covers up the pink and is the exact color we are looking for. Thank you Lord. Boo to wasting $80 on useless paint though. But like I said. Lesson learned.

And sorry, no picture of the aforementioned living room paint color. I am trying to erase it from my memory. Never want to be reminded of it again.


  1. I have picked the wrong paint about a million times! I NEVER learn to get the sample.

    P.S. Your belly pic is so cute. Can't wait until next Tuesday when we both find out our babies' gender!

  2. Oh goodness. That stinks! I am about to do some painting in my kitchen.... I will DEFINITELY look into sample paint before doing the whole thing!


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