Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear!

Just had to pop on here real quick and wish my #1 man a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is being a big pansy about this one in particular and has been moping like a little girl so I won't tell you how old he is. Just that today he can no longer say he is in his 20's. You do the math.

What else can I say to express how much I love this man? My best friend. My babies daddy. He rocks my socks. He deserves to have the best day possible. The other night I asked him if he would like cake or brownies for his birthday and he told me a kiss would be more than enough. Well babe. I think I can handle the kisses and there will probably be some brownies enjoyed today as well.

I love you baby! Hope you have a fabulous birthday! I know I will be celebrating because I am so grateful for the day you came into this world and made mine a better place. You are the best husband, greatest father and most amazing man. Kensley, sticky bun and I are so lucky to call you ours!




  1. Well happy birthday to him! Don't worry.... I have a birthday on Sunday and I'm not too far behind him (I'll be 28).

    Cute picture dressed as a monkey!

  2. Thank you so much for the early birthday. I really don't mind getting older... it more just freaks me out to know I graduated high school 10 years ago or think about how my oldest niece is going to turn 16 in a few months! AHHH!!! hahahah

  3. Good morning!
    Thanks! I appreciate the support.
    I am a graphic designer for a magazine. The 10th is our deadline so we have to get everything done and sent to printers. I have 2 weeks out of month that are busy and 2 weeks of nothing. Gotta love it *haha*


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