Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sickie Sick Sickies

Monday afternoon after we got home from our doctors app Kensley started to look a little sick. Her eyes where glossy and when I felt her head she felt a little warm. I took her temp and it was about 101 so I gave her some motrin and although she sort of just picked at her meal that night when she went to bed her temp was back down around 98.

All night long she woke up crying out and then falling back asleep. Around 4:30 am she woke up and stayed up so I went and got her some orange juice and brought it in to her. She felt like she was burning up but was so lethargic and just wanted to lay on my chest while I rocked her that I didn't take her temp till a few hours later. I had called Dave and told him to get some more motrin on the way home from work. Right before he got home I decided to change her diaper and then took her temp. It was 104.3. Dave came home, we gave her the Motrin and then called the doctor. The nurse told us we might as well come in so we did. Unfortunately, the doctor told us we brought her in too soon to tell what the cause of the fever was since she really had no other symptoms. He did test her for the flu but that came back negative.

So all day yesterday and all day today we have had one sick little girl on our hands. We have tried to make life as easy as possible for her but she has been so frustrated over not being able to tell us what she wants. Sometimes she wants me, then she will only have daddy hold her and she screams if I come anywhere near her. It truly is heartbreaking to watch your baby feel miserable and know there is nothing you can do.

If she is still feverish tomorrow we are going to call the doctor again to see what he wants us to do next. I am praying she wakes up feeling more like herself.

We have been dealing with Snowmageddon 2.0 anyway so we haven't ventured out much. I did brave the storm to get the hubby an ice cream came and some things to make a nice dinner and necessities. Here is to hoping the weather clears up and my baby feel better in the morning.

Here are a few pics of little miss punkie butt from the other morning. Please excuse the pajamas and wild hair. That is just how we roll at the Barb house.






  1. At least she has Jammies on. Carter strips to his undies the minute he walks in the door!!

  2. And most importantly I hope K is feeling better today.

  3. awww poor thing. I hope she feels better!
    She is adorable.

  4. omg 3rd pic down looks like dave w. hair!!! i hope she feels better poor lil doll baby :(


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