Friday, February 12, 2010

Our daughter is a genius

Pretty sure I have made it known that my daughter definitely speaks her own language. Other mothers ask me all the time what words Kensley knows how to say and to be honest she knows hundreds of words. They are just not any words you and I would know or hear in general conversation. Definitely not English and may not be of this world either. Recently though I have heard her talking to herself and I get her saying letter sounds like "A" and "B". Its a work in process but it is something I think is really going to explode any day now.

Because just today we heard her say 4 new words! Can you believe that?! And you will never in a million years guess what they were. No really. Guess. Keep guessing.

Ok. Ok. I will tell you.

Dr. Seuss and Stinky Butt.

The latter was in reference to her own of course.



  1. hahah. Nice! Those are some good things to say... but watch out - she might start calling you Stinky Butt now! *haha*

    How old is she?

  2. Haha I wouldn't doubt it! She is 23 months old :)

  3. yay kensers!! and omg the picture she looks toooo old!! :( sooo beautiful tho!!


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