Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

I am going to break these posts into days because there is a lot to cover and I don't have much time. Rowan is napping so I'm hopping on real quick to get these pictures up for family.

The night before Christmas Eve, Dave's Aunt and Uncle stopped by with their gifts for Kensley and Rowan.


Kensley literally made it 5 seconds with those presents in the room before she started to tear into them. I had to ask her to stop and wait for everyone and she wasn't so thrilled with that idea.



She went ahead and opened Rowan's gifts as well. In fact I am just now noticing that I didn't even get a picture of Rowan that night. Sorry Bubba.


This was the "BIG GIFT." It was a play table with little side storage compartments. Rowan ended up getting a race track and it went on this table in the playroom.


Daddy opening the BIG GIFT.



The Barbie make-up kit. This was probably one of her favorite gifts. I spent all day Christmas eve wiping make-up off her face.


We were so grateful that we got to see Dave's aunt and uncle before they headed to D.C for the holidays. They spoil Kensley and Rowan and even Dave and myself and we are so blessed to have them!


Thank you for the toys!!!

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