Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy 5 Months Rowan!


Dear Rowan, 

  Today you turn 5 months old. Where in the world have the last 5 months gone? I swear I blinked and here we are. You are such a delight baby boy. Everyone has said to me how you are such a happy baby and I couldn't agree more. You are always smiling and cooing. You love to be held and adore playing with your big sissy. 


This is the first month that you really started to notice other objects. Your sister has these 3 cars that magnetically attach to each other and the other day she was pushing them across the floor and I noticed how your head turned to follow them. I placed you on the floor and you grabbed for them. You spent nearly an hour batting and pushing them.


You are a pro at grabbing toys and putting them in your mouth. One day this week you grabbed for your toy and once you gripped it in your little hand you swung it up to your mouth as hard as you could. You completely missed and ended up clocking yourself right in the nose. You busted out in tears but you stopped seconds later more determined then ever to get it in your mouth.


This month you started solid foods. You are not much of a fan of cereal but you seem to like sweet potatoes. You LOVE peas. When I feed you peas you start bouncing up and down and flail your arms all over the place. You ripped the spoon out of my hands like, "WOMAN ILL FEED THIS DELICIOUSNESS TO MYSELF." You had me cracking up the entire time. You nearly ate the whole jar last night. So right now I would say peas are your favorite. And it makes me happy to tell you that now your face looks like your butt. 


Last night I gave you and your sister a bath together for the first time without you in your baby tub. I made the water just high enough for you to get a little wet and then I laid you down inside and put your sister in beside you. You were kicking your legs like crazy and splashing water all over the place. You had your sister soaking wet and she was laughing so hard. So she decided to lay down beside you and kick her feet too. Water was going everywhere and I couldn't help but think how as you get older the two of you are going to have so much fun together. I hope the two of you are always the best of friends.


I hope you know that you are absolute joy in our lives. I think back now to the first month after you were born and how hard it was to adjust to our new "normal." I remember wondering what on earth we were thinking and if it was ever going to feel like I had things under control. I think one thing (out of many) that you have taught me is that I will never have everything "under control" but I can say that now things are much better. We found our groove and we are rocking it.  I can't imagine my day without you in it. From your big smiling grin in the mornings, the afternoon playtime on the floor, to the sweet smell of your skin and snuggles at bedtime. I am so blessed to call you mine. 


I love you to the moon and back.




  1. Adorable! I love his chunky cheeks and how easily he smiles when you talk to him :)

  2. seriously i just wanna kiss those chubby lil cheeks! i'll be home for Christmas.....if you're free id LOVE to stop by!


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