Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Annual Christmas Pictures

Sunday was the 8 year anniversary of Dave and my first date together. We went and saw a movie way back then so we thought it would be quite fitting if we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We actually spent the entire day together. We had breakfast, went shopping, had dinner at our most favorite fancy place and then caught the movie. Besides missing my babies like crazy it was such a nice day. I forget sometimes how nice and relaxing it is to spend time with just my hubby.

 I am happy to say that we are officially 100% done with our Christmas shopping. Of course, we are only shopping for the kids this year so that did make it a little easier. But done nonetheless and so glad to have it all out of the way.

When we got home Sunday night my MIL surprised us with these...





How cute huh?! She and Dave's aunt bought them the outfits and took them for their pictures without our knowledge. We were completely surprised!

I am not really one for taking the kids to a photo studio because I have a good camera and I like to do their pictures, but this saved us so much time and stress by having them done for us. It was such a thoughtful thing to do!


  1. Oh wow that was so nice of your MIL. She picked out adorable outfits too!


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