Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have to apologize about the lack of updates this week. Kensley and I have both come down with the sickies. She woke up this morning with a 101.4 temp and I have just not felt human in a few days. Thankfully Daddy has been off the past few days to take care of us. We took Kensley to the doctor and there is no sign of an ear infection and she is breathing fine, so the doctor just thinks its a cold. So we have been giving her motrin and lots of fluids and her and I have been laying on the couch all day watching Shrek and Nemo.

(Sorry I look like death in the next picture, but as you can see we both feel and look pretty awful) Ha!

Here is our little princess eating princess shaped pasta! Poor thing still has an appetite thank goodness!

This weekend I finally got my hair done. She went super blonde, but in the back of my mind I sort of want to go dark again. I can never decide and I know if I go dark I will probably not like it, but Im not really digging the blonde anymore either. She did dark underneath this time, so maybe next time Ill add more dark. Who knows...Ugh. Why is a thing like hair so complicated? Ha!

Sunday afternoon we went to lunch with Great Grandma Vera and Aunt Cathy. Poor Uncle Larry had to work so we missed him. We ate at Bravo and it was really, really good. We tend to be Carrabba's snobs and only eat italian there, but Bravo's was very good.

After that we went to look for a new living room set. We only have one big couch right now and we are planning on putting it in the basement when we move and then get a new living room set. An actual couch, loveseat and chair. That way when company comes they no longer have to sit on the floor! Who knew picking out a living room set could be so hard. We want stylish yet comfortable and apparently that is very hard to find. This is the set we liked, even though I sort of think it looks like home theatre seating. (The seats recline and would be nice to curl up on and watch a movie). Anything that I thought looked adorable felt like I was sitting on plywood....

So that has pretty much summed up our weekend. I am hoping tomorrow we wake up feeling much, much better.

Oh! I think I mentioned before that Kensley's first birthday party will be Nemo themed. Well I was looking on Etsy (never a good thing!) and I found this adorable outfit. It is going to have her name on it and its going to be absolutely perfect for the party!

Too cute huh?!

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