Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Update with Vanessa B

This weekend was a pretty good one. I spent Friday night after work at home with the hubby cuddling on the couch. Then Sat I went and in and worked till 12. Funny story- I had two clients come in and start a policy last week. Being the airhead that I am, I sent them home with all the necessary paperwork along with all the paperwork that I needed to keep in file at the office. So I made the trek to their house Sat to pick said paperwork up. They had the most adorable black lab puppy named louie. Here I am decked out in my adorable pink coat from VS and my fleece hat, scarf and glove set from old navy (You know, the one with the pom pom on the hat and all the fringe on the scarf?) and the dog is jumping up on me trying to eat the pom pom off my hat. Then he was trying to chew on my scarf like a chew toy and when I tried to get him to stop he only thought we were playing and kept yanking on it harder with his teeth. I tried putting them in my purse and he snatched them right up and was running all over the house with said scarf and hat. It made for quite an interesting visit and next time Ill leave the hat and scarf in the car. Plus I was covered in black dog hair. I forgot how much dogs shed.

Dave came with me to help take pictures of the house since he had boots on and I had heals on. Soo not appropriate for walking around a house in huge piles of snow. He had class off that morning because it was -3° outside! We stopped at Starbucks to get a coffee and then walked around Target. I got a tall nonfat white hot chocolate with no whip thinking I did myself a service getting a healthier drink. It was still almost 300 cals and 5 grams of fat! Ugh. I found the sweetest shoes for Kensley. They were only $2.50 too. Such a steal.

Saturday night I went out to eat at Chili's with my good friend Ryann (Dave had clinicals). Ryann is a girl I used to work with back in our Carrabba's days. She actually got me a job there before she even knew who I was! Dave worked with a girl who was friends with Ryann and she suggested to her that she help me get a job. Being the awesome girl that she was she recommended me to the boss even though she knew nothing about me! He was asking her how old I was and all this stuff and she was making it all up because she had no clue! Anyways, I got the job there and we quickly became great friends. I remember giving her relationship advice when she needed it and telling her that one day a great guy was going to come along. I was there the night she met her current bf (he djayed a wedding we were at) and they just bought a beautiful (Jealous!) home so I better be invited to that wedding!We had a great dinner and Kensley was really well behaved for not napping all day. The only bad thing was that it was a 25-30 minute wait when we got there and I had to hold Kensley the entire time. There was NOWHERE to sit and I stood holding her, her coat, hat, mittens, diaper bag and my purse for what seemed like an eternity. But it was worth it.

Here is a pic from Ryann and I back in the Carrabba's Days. Oh how I miss my long hair!

After dinner we headed over to Border's and I bought the book EAT THIS NOT THAT! Such a good book. It gives tons of suggestions on what to eat when eating out, what to buy at the grocery store and even what to eat to change your mood. I highly recommend it.

Sunday was pretty much a lazy day. Kensley and I stayed in our pj's all day and played on the floor and watched Nemo. Im sure I meant to clean the house but I just didnt feel like it. HA!

Here was Kensley all smiley after a nap :)

You cant tell in this picture, but I have some MAJOR dark roots right now. I cant wait to get my hair did this Saturday!

LOL This photo cracks me up. I was trying to get a cute photo of the two of us, but she is looking at me like, "What the heck are you doing mom?"

So that was my weekend. How was yours?


  1. I simply had to run by here and thank you for your comment. To the contrary, your comment not only didn't hurt my feelings, but actually made me feel very nice. I'm glad I remind you of your grandmother because I can assure you, I'm old enough (almost) to BE your grandmother. My daughters are 27 and 29, so maybe, your mom? LOL

    Thank you so much for stopping by Chelsea's place and happy blogging!

  2. The picture with your comment at Barb's place was so cute, I had to come over and say hi. Your baby is gorgeous. Love the photo of her in your header! Have fun with your blog:)

  3. Your daughter is so cute! I love how she naps with her shoes on! ;)

    My niece Zoey is almost 7 months old. Thank you for visiting my blog!

  4. We keep that 'eat this not that' book in the lunch room at work. it's always a reminder, whether we're trying to be good or not :)


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