Monday, January 19, 2009

Today was a super slow day in our office. I think since it was a holiday no one thought we were open. After work Great Grandma Sally, Kensley and I went to Once Upon a Child to see if they had any good deals on summer clothes. We really lucked out. I got her three dressed, three pairs of shorts, two skirts and a onesie for only $11. I was quite proud of that.

Here is Kensley with Great Grandma Sally. I think this coat is one of the ugliest kids coats ever. I usually try not to wear it on her because she has an adorable pink furry coat, but Grandma Sally bought her this coat and insisted that she wear it. You can tell by the look on her face that Kensley agrees with me. Ha!

This week starts a really long week for Dave. He is either at work, school or clinicals until late every night this week. I think the earliest he will be home is 9, sometimes 11 and sometimes he wont be home at all if he works a 24 shift. I definitely get a sense of what its like to be a single mom and let me tell you, its exhausting! But we had a lot of fun tonight.

Bath time!

Here she is getting her hair blown dry with the hair dryer. You would think that she would absolutely hate this, but she gets all excited when I pull it out and sits just as happy as can be while I dry her hair! Such a diva huh?!

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  1. Hey I'm on blogger to!! However my layout is not nearly as pretty as yours! ha ha ha ha She is getting so big!


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