Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy 2 Months Rowan!

Dear Rowan,

Yesterday you turned two months old (but really, you were 8 weeks last week. Don't ask me how this works. Let's just say you were born on the 5th so your not really a month older till the 5th.) The reason I am just now writing to you is because you didn't give me one single solitary second to write to you yesterday. You spent your entire second month birthday crying. I hate to break it to you, but you were a huge party pooper. Yes, I know it's your party and you can cry if you want to...but what is so bad about turning two months old? What is there to be so unhappy about? Just wait till you move out and have to pay your own bills and wipe your own butt and then we can talk about unhappy.


Let's see...what have you been up to this month? This month things finally started to get a little easier. You have been sleeping in four hour chunks. You usually go down at 10pm and wake up around 2pm and then 7am and we get up for the day around 10. It hasn't been too bad and so much easier than the every-two-hour milk marathon you were on before. You are eating just about 4oz at every feeding which is good because I can finally keep up with you and you get very few formula bottles anymore. You look like a baby twice your age though. We thought your sister was big at 2 months, but when I look at you I think you could easily pass for a four month old. You are also wearing 3 month clothing and don't fit in any of your 0-3 month clothing anymore. This makes me so sad, but I am so happy you are one big happy and healthy boy.


This month you started cooing and smiling and it gives everyone great pleasure to sit and talk to you and try to get you going. The other day I was laying on the floor talking to you and you had the most determined look on your face as you tensed your whole body up, clenched your fists and let out a huge coo. A lot of the time it sounds like you are about to cry, but then we realize you are just trying to talk to us. You also smiled for the first time this month and it melts my heart each and every time I see it. You are not doing it too often just yet and when you let a little one slip out we can't help but laugh. It seems you must be having very pleasant dreams because you can often be found smiling as you snooze.


Speaking of snoozing, we have a very specific approach to getting you to sleep. During the day the only way you will sleep is in your swing, with your blanket and the Coldplay station playing on Pandora. At night, we swaddle you and lay you on your side and turn on the ocean waves music. That ocean wave music works amazingly well. So well in fact that your dad and I noticed that its working wonders on us to. The other night your daddy put you to sleep and when he came out of the room he said he had to hurry up and get out of there before the ocean waves lulled him to sleep.


Rowan this month has been another amazing one. It seems like it has gone by so quickly and that is because it really has. If there is one thing that I learned from having your sister it is that these days are gone in the blink of an eye. I just try to remind myself of that and take each day and soak it all in. I just know that in a year from now, two years from now, five years from now and especially 18 years from now I am going to miss these days. These days were I can hold you close in the middle of the night and hear you breathing. These days when I can kiss on your cheeks a million times and you never once look at me funny or tell me to stop. These days when fit just perfectly in my arms. You were made for me buddy and I am so lucky to have these days.



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  1. oh my so that name Rowan :-) Great pictures! ~Kimberly


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