Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our week

This week has been really nice weather wise so we have been spending a lot of time outside running around and enjoying it. Kensley loves running all over the yard picking up sticks, leaves and acorns. I'm really trying to think about what we will do once the weather turns too cold to play outside. There are not a lot of indoor options around here...




Next week we are taking her to get her hair cut to her chin. Its starting to look stringy at the ends and she never lets me do anything to it anymore. Its a constant struggle just to get it brushed most days and we usually end up throwing it in a ponytail. I'm thinking it will look better cut short. I'll miss her long locks though. She just looks so grown up.


We started back at the gym this week and I have really enjoyed being able to work out with no interruptions. Trying to do pilates at home with a two-year-old hanging of your legs is kind of difficult ;) Plus Rowan can sense when I am doing anything for myself (eating, going to the bathroom, working out, etc) and starts fussing the moment I start. I have taken K with me a few times so she can play in the daycare they have and she loves it. She cried the first day but walked in anyway and she cried when it was time to leave. The second day she went right in and sat down with one of the workers and started coloring. I think its just as good for her to get out of the house as it is for me.

Rowan is doing great. He is only waking up one time at night usually around 5am and then sleeping till 9 or so. During the day he is pretty content laying under his floor gym or sitting in my lap. He LOVES to sit up. Pretty soon we can break out the bumbo seat and I know he will love it.


By far his favorite thing right now is when you pick him up and walk him all over the house. He loves looking all around and probably likes being high up as well!


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