Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Meandering

Did anyone else watch the Colts vs Giants game last night? I really thought it would have been a closer game but I am still glad the Colts won! Whoo hoo! It was cracking me up last night because Kensley would yell "GO GO!" and "TOUCHDOWN!" after we did and then yell "BOO" and "STOP!" when the Giants had the ball. She is the perfect little cheerleader ;) Plus I loved all the coverage on the Manning brothers. They seem like such a great, supportive family. As much as Peyton was glad to win you just know he felt bad for his little brother and wanted him to do well also. Dave tried to get me tickets to this game, but even in the nosebleeds the tickets were $500. *Sigh* Maybe someday...

While watching the game last night we figured out that our three favorite shows are on at the exact same time this season. 9pm on Thursday nights must be THE TIME to be on tv. We watch The Office, Grey's Anatomy and Fringe religiously and they are all on at that time on Thursdays. Of course we can watch them all online the next day but which one do we watch on TV? Not everyone owns a DVR people. Grrrrr.

I have a feeling Joshua Jackson may win out... ;)

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