Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fabulous Weekend

After I wrote my post the other day I ended up falling down the stairs which left me in fabulous shape for the rest of the week. I have been so sore and walking around like a little old lady. Luckily today I am starting to feel back to normal. I did day three of my C25K and I am starting to feel pretty good about my running. Dave and I decided to do the "Turkey Trot" this year which is a 5k on Thanksgiving morning for a local charity. I am hoping in two months time I will be able to do a decent job. I am actually really excited about it and a few of my girlfriends have said they will do it too!

Friday night my hubby was sweet enough to let me go out with some friends while he stayed home and took care of the babies. I am so sad that I didn't take a single picture this weekend. I really need to start carrying my smaller camera with me. We had so much fun hanging out and chatting. Then Saturday morning my friend Ryann and I went for Pedicures and lunch. There is a beauty school in one of the plaza's downtown that gives pedicures for $15 and they throw in a free bottle of OPI nail polish! We thought that was an amazing deal considering the nail polish alone was $8.50. We will definitely be doing that again soon!

Today Kensley and I made pumpkin spice muffins with cream cheese frosting. They are absolutely delish and so easy to make. I just use one small can of pumpkin and a box of spice cake. Mix and then fill into cupcake holders and then bake according to the box instructions. Easy and pretty low cal/ fat and you don't have to even use the frosting but I think everything is better with cream cheese frosting!

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