Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


On Thursday we went trick-or-treating with my mom. We took K to a "trunk-or-treat" where they set up cars in a row and kids can trick-or-treat out of people's trunks. It is a great idea for little kids so they don't have to walk really far and get treats. Sadly, the one we went to only had about 7 cars. We spent 10 minutes in line and maybe 5 minutes tops to get candy. We headed back to the car and I sort of felt bad that it was over so quickly. So when we got home I took K up and down my parents street to trick-or treat some more. She kept looking in her candy bucket and saying, "Oh My!" She didn't really say trick-or-treat but she said thank you which made me happy.


I sort of caught it in the image above but Kensley did this move almost every time she got candy. She leaned in and handed them her bucket while sticking out her leg behind her. She looks like she is trying an ice skating move. It cracked us up.

Uncle Colton helped us carve a little pumpkin and then we headed home.


On Saturday we went trick-or-treating with Dave's mom. The neighborhood they live in is really hilly and we had to walk up these steep driveways to get to a lot of the houses. I think K was wore out about 20 minutes into it and I carried her for awhile. She kept asking for Ro Ro who stayed home with Great Grandma. By this time she had the whole thing down. She ran up, grabbed the candy, threw it in her bucket and turned away yelling, "THANK YOU!" ha!

On Saturday daddy helped us carve our pumpkin that we got a few weeks ago at the pumpkin patch.




Kensley helped him get out all of the seeds!




We got a ton of them but sadly I baked them in the oven and they came out kind of soggy? I don't know what happened. I've made them plenty of times before and they were really good. We ate a few and threw the rest in the trash.

Our finished pumpkin!


We had such a fun Halloween! Kensley is finally starting to understand what is going on and we made so many good memories that I will never forget.

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