Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Day at the Park!

We had a bit of a heat wave last week here in Ohio and since Dave and I both had the morning off, we decided to take Kensley to the park while we could. Because if any of you know the weather in Ohio, if you so much as mention the fact that it is nice out the next hour it takes a turn for the worse and will drop 30 degrees. I cant tell you how many times I start out my day with the heat on in my car, the air on at lunchtime and finish the night drive home with the heat on again. Gotta love Ohio weather. Actually, you dont. And I dont. But thats a whole other story.

Anyway, I am pretty sure this is one of the first times K has been to the park. We may have had a picnic or two last summer, but she was only a few months old then and I was worried about the sun and all that so this was her first REAL trip to the park. We didn's stay too long because it ended up getting pretty windy, but she had a fabulous time. I know as soon as she starts walking more she will be ALL OVER the park and I will be scrambling to catch up with her. Plus that grin hardly left her face the entire time we were there. I know we will be spending many days at the park come spring/summer.

Could you all please say a prayer for my Grandma Rhea. I don't mention it much, but she has not been doing well for some time now. She is back in the hospital. She suffers from dementia and Alzheimers and so she has no idea what is going on. She talked about people who have been gone for years as if they just visited her yesterday and I dont think she is going to know what is really going on much longer. I think it is such a shame that she never had the chance to know K and she will never really know her grandma.

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