Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spaghetti Face!

As K gets older and has been starting to eat more and more of the things Dave and I eat, I am so happy that she seems to be a pretty good eater. Between Dave and I we are pretty picky. The only vegetables Dave likes are corn and carrots. It is a rare occurrence that he will eat a salad. He HATES mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, hash browns and home fries! But of course loves potato chips and fries. ha! And then I just like to have things a certain way. I LOVE salads, but I HATE lettuce on sandwiches and tacos. I love onions in my salad or burgers, but HATE them on pizza. I remember one summer I ate the same exact subway sandwich every single day for lunch. I'm really easy to please. I guess I am simple. haha!

But K has been taking after me (thank goodness) in the things that she likes to eat. I actually prayed she would like mashed potatoes as much as I do so that I would have a reason to make them. And she does! She also gobbles up tomatoes in my salad. She will literally eat every last one if I let her. She loves bananas and yogurt in the morning. And one thing the girl can not get enough of is PASTA.

Good thing I work in an Italian restaurant huh? She is such a girl after my carb-loving heart.

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